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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fiji First scumbag candidates

Thanks to the hoops set up the regime, Opposition parties - especially the smaller ones - have understandably struggled to find candidates and the $1,000 to register them.

Taxpayer funded Fiji First on the hand has delivered a lacklustre crop of candidates, several carrying baggage and having conflicts of interest, damaging the party before it even hits the poll.

MIDA stalwart Matai Akauola has been widely criticised for being a candidate. Rightly so: how can he go from dictating media do's and don'ts to standing as a candidate for the party of a military dictatorship?

We are not surprised. He had confirmed last year he was going to stand, but as an Independent: guess the lure of fame and fortune was too much for him.

Ashneel Sudhakar: So much for 'diversity, integrity and meritocracy'.
Ashneel Sudhakar: a total scumbag and racist to boot. As you will see from these pics taken from his Facebook, he is gutter level filth and a waste of taxpayer money.

And a racist post from his Facebook that Fiji Sun journalist Jyoti Pratibha likes.

Murderer Praveen Bala
Praveen Bala: charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Nemani Bainivalu: Still roaming free despite assaulting a member of the public last month. 

Aktar Ali: a human resources development specialist who has distributed this email offering business excellence awards in return for support.

From: aali@fijifirst.com [mailto:aali@fijifirst.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 10:44 PM
Subject: 2014 General Elections

Dear Leadership Fiji colleagues,
I wish to bring to your attention that I have been a member of LF2010 group and have taken a quantum leap this year.

As you are aware that I have decided to contest the 2014 General Elections and represent you in Parliament.

This becomes my next biggest challenge to secure adequate votes to make it at that level.

The journey is no easy task given a significantly tough competition amongst many players.

I have opted to contest this election with FIJI FIRST due to many reasons.

Many of you will have your personal understanding and awareness of current situation in the country.

This is the time to make the right choice and the right decision. Our countries future depends on YOU as the power is in 
the hands of the voters.

So make the right decision for the best interest of this beloved country.

I seek your support for this worthy course to steer the country towards a more progressive and responsive modern FIJI.

I know we can do it.......we should move now and transformation is imminent.

This nation is destined to grow into the best south pacific Island nation which we all have dreamt of. This dream will 
become a reality soon.

Everyone is entitled to his/her choice and that choice will determine the countries future. Its in your hands.

For my family brothers and sisters out there- please VOTE for me so I can go in there and help the nation develop the way we want it.

I know all about FEA and it becomes easy to handle what you know. So lets make the change....I need your votes.

I have had tremendous support and accolades in the last few days and every comment is deposited to my data base.

For those that have supported me, your favorable comments will stay with me ever.

You can view your comments if you ever get to visit me in the Ministers Office....all LF members welcome.
But I need your support. You also have the right to support the party of your choice. But make the right choice and the right decision for FIJI.

Your support and comments are welcome.

In 2012 - I gave Fea the Business Excellence Presidents Award
In 2013 - I gave Fea the 18th National Quality Convention GOLD Award,
In 2014 - I will take Fea to the Parliament
In 2015 - I would have given Fea another Presidents Award.

I will send you updates as we get closer to the elections....but be prepared to change and move for a more vibrant Fiji.
All the best for you / Leadership Fiji / and our beloved country.
May God bless FIJI.

Kind Regards
Akhtar Ali

The dictator, Frank Bainimarama, arrives in Sydney this Friday and a protest is being organised.

If you can make it, the demonstration is being held outside the venue he’s due to speak at:

Mytilenean House

225 Canterbury Rd



Monday, August 18, 2014

Regime tries to fob off financial accounts as auditors

Fiji's Ministry of Finance has released what it calls the Audited Accounts from 2006-2012.

These are not the Auditor's Report, which we have been calling for a number of years now.

The quite release of the financial statements suggests the regime is trying to give these accounts, which were downloaded from the Ministry of Finance's website, some credibility.  

These reports are signed by the Auditor General, Tevita Bolanavanua and are called the Annual Financial Statement.

The 'Minister of Finance' as we know is Frank Bainimarama but as we know that is a token portfolio only - just as the accounts on the following websites are whitewash versions of what is really happening with the books.


  afs_2006_1 by Coup Fourpointfive

Friday, August 15, 2014

Circus of an election continues

Sevanaia Bainimarama: Bail lowered by US authorities
In the hands of legit authorities, the real crim gets a chance:  in Suva the accused is sure to go down, especially if the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is involved.

Former Native Land Trust Board member, Keni Dakuidreketi, has been sentenced to six years in jail, but the conviction reeks.

Dakuidreketi, a former Minister in the interim 2000 Laisenia Qarase government, was accused of using  government grants to finance an IT company, Pacific Connex, owned by Ballu Khan.

Bloggers will recall Khan was arrested in 2007 and held and tortured by the regime over claims he plotted against the government.
Convicted. Keni Dakuidreketi (right).

Government money is said to have been channelled through Vanua Development Corporation Limited, a limited liability company of the then Native Land Trust Board.

Dakuidreketi pleaded not guilty but was convicted, along with general manager, Kalivati Bakani, who had pleaded guilty earlier.

Many believe Dakuidreketi was merely trying to help NLTB upgrade its computer system so they could keep track of rents owed and rents paid. 

But as has been the case with the FICAC driven prosecutions, the outcome was decided before the hearing.

Cross to next month's dubious election and political parties are rushing to register their candidates before the deadline passes on Monday at midday. 

Not unexpectedly, they're having to rope in whoever they can to make up the numbers.

All seven parties are aiming to put up 50 candidates, although the smaller ones will struggle to find strong people and the unheard of $1,000 registration fee.

Both the Peoples Democratic Party and the National Federation Party have been busy promoting their latest candidates, including youth, one of whom is just 23 years old.

The Fiji United Party is expected to reveal its team on Monday while the regime-led Fiji First party was due to name the rest of its team today, as was the One Fiji Party.

Most of the Fiji First candidates have been hand picked by the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: 3 RFMF officers are believed to be on the list.

The Fiji Labour Party has already named 39 candidates and can now proceed with the rest with party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, firmly ruled out after losing his appeal this week.

Chaudhry was found guilty of currency offences in April but is holding tight to the party leadership reins.

SODELPA has already named its 50 candidates and has been focusing on what it says is 'face-to-face communication on what is now the last lap home at full speed, as Fiji First and their one constituency model is giving us an opening to pull the mat from under their feet.'

"We were at Wailekutu the other night and were informed the villagers were asked to got to Kalekana to listen to the Fiji First team," says an insider.

"One of the voters asked how would they know who to vote for because they do not know the candidate under this one constituency. The reply was "just vote for any Fiji First candidate number.

"This is a welcome 'opportunity' for us. Our candidates are selected from and by local communities, within the one constituency boundaries. 

"The advantages are the voters know their candidates because of better relationships and service to the people."

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Numbers small but protest pure of heart


Video was posted by Frank Robanakadavu but story is by Coup4.5

It's easy to be smug when you've had eight years in 'government' thanks to guns and propaganda.

Frank Bainimarama supporters are stroking themselves silly over the turnout yesterday that supposedly numbered 1000 compared to the mere 40 (or 20 as they’d prefer) heckling and jeering the dictator.

What else could it have been, considering the oppression Fiji citizens have been under since Bainimarama seized control?

Anything less would've been a waste of the millions of taxpayer dollars he has squandered to stay in power since his coup, omnipotent rule he intends to cement via the election next month.

Snuck in via side doors but acting big with supporters
Most of the supporters last night were Indo-Fijians  (there would be at least 100,000 Indians living in Auckland, so is this such a big number?)

Sadly, many see Bainimarama as a benevolent benefactor: his grand gesture the removal of the country's last democratically-elected prime minister, Laisenia Qarase - ousted supposedly because of his anti-Indian policies and the Qoliqoli bill. 

We now know Bainimarama’s motives were less than pure and while the hostilities between him and Qarase made it easy for him to overthrow the government, there was much to it than that.

Indians have certainly had a raw deal in Fiji and there are many who don't believe they need to know beyond that, least of all Bainimarama's crimes, including the death of citizens  under his watch, the laws he continues to change to suit himself, the muzzling of media, churches, unions and NGOs, the corruption and nepotism, not to mention the trampling of itaukei rights.

There is no rule of law in Fiji so it's all too easy to play to the audience with throwaway lines about 'tevoros and losers.'

But we need to keep the focus on making sure people remember the illegals acts of Bainimarama and those in government with him - and the ongoing military dictatorship that will continue after September 17.

Qarase has complicated things by entering the fray again, sparking a sense of Groundhog Day, with his reported comments there is no equality of citizens in Fiji.

And yet there is truth in the thought, albeit unpalatable though it is too many, especially Indians, who are outraged and angered at the suggestion they may not be ‘equal’.

Thankfully, some have seen through the subsequent regime spin doctoring and have come to Qarase’s defence.

Mick Beddoes says Qarase has assured him he was misquoted but adds he understands where Qarase was coming from.

He says there is no better example of the unfair playing field than that of Bainimarama's talks of equal citizenry and the hypocritical ‘irrevocable immunity’ he has allowed for himself, the president, his Cabinet ministers, the RFMF, police, judiciary and the public service.

The dictator has boasted again just this week that he has equalled us all in Fiji, but this is a lie. Indians have been elevated but it has come at the price of the rights of itaukei. Citizens across the board have, meanwhile, all been robbed of their rights to freedom and a democratic government.

Bainimarama has made things worse for Fiji but that is oft the case when devils assume power because of greed and ambition.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fiji's Sudoku ballot paper confusing voters

Voters set up to fail: Khaiyum's 'democratic' ballot paper.

Just 39 days to go to the elections and the heat is on for political parties to convince people to vote for them.

Over the last few days parties have been at each other's throats, instead of showing unity and focusing on educating voters about the complicated voting system the regime has come up with. 

A few candidates have reported to us that people still don't  know how to vote using the new Sudoku-type ballot paper.
Remember, each voter will have to choose a number from 135-414. To make matters even trickier, the numbers are so small they are sure to confuse many voters, let alone those who are uneducated. 

Many will be tempted to enter the polling booth with the number of their chosen candidate written down somewhere, (can you blame them?) but they risk up to 10 years jail. 

The media, meanwhile, continues to promote Fiji First, allowing Frank Bainimarama to hog the top spots on their news.

The dictator is traveling to Auckland this weekend to campaign there after the New Zealand government granted him a visa. 

Kiwi PM, John Key, insists he will have nothing to do with Bainimarama and no arrangements have been made for the coup leader to have special accommodation or security.

Predictably, the regime trolls have taken to working overtime on this blog spreading rumours, making sexual comments about women candidates, creating religious hate speech and hatching divisions among political parties.

Trolls visiting C4.5 as often as 70 times a day

Our stats show these regimes trolls are on the blog for up to eight hours a day and are from Clarendon House, Fiji Post and Telecommunications and Suva Central. 

Some of them are visiting C4.5 as many as 70 times a day.
 We urge political parties to remember what is at stake and who the enemy is and to focus on making votes count  instead of playing the game the regime wants you to play.

People also need to remember the many crimes of the regime: the illegal coup, the illegal Consitution, the illegal Decrees, the military thuggery, torture and deaths, the  oppression of unions, the GCC and Methodist Church along with media censorship - and who is at the heart of all of the rot in Fiji - Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

As Sun Tsu said: "Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle."