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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fijian Cambodian terrorist killed

Neil Prakash

Fijian Cambodian Islamic State terrorist Neil Prakash has reportedly been killed in a US military air strike in Iraq.

Prakash - described as “Australia’s most wanted terrorist” – was a former Bhuddist who lived in Melbourne before becoming a Muslim and travelling to Syria.

He was the most senior figure in Islamic State, with Australian describing as him the IS’s most active recruiter.

Prakash’s death brings to an end more than a year of what was a very high profile driving Islamic State's ideology into Australia.

It remains unclear if he was active in Fiji.

Prakash was a high-value target because of his prominence as a recruiter not just for his native Australia but in other countries as well. 

He had starred in one of the jihadist group's promotional videos. He was linked to multiple extremist plots in Australia, and also to calls for lone-wolf attacks in the United States.

He was regarded as an enemy combatant under international law and is understood to have been on a so-called "kill list".

He is believed to have been involved in influencing the alleged Mother's Day pipe bomb plot in Melbourne last year, last year's alleged Anzac Day plot in Melbourne and the recent alleged Anzac Day plot in Sydney. 

He also helped radicalise Numan Haider, who was shot dead in Melbourne after attacking two policemen with a knife.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fiji ranked 80 in World Press Freedom Index 2016

Fiji has improved from 93 in 2015 to 80 in 2016 in the latest World Press Freedom Index.

We'd like to take you back to stories we published in the same month seven years ago, when there was no press freedom in Fiji.

This was two years after the Bainimarama coup, around the time when censors were sent into newsrooms to monitor and approve what stories the media could publish.

Apart from the Fiji Sun which publishes rubbish and should no longer be called a 'newspaper' because apart from media ethics, the stories it publishes is just a disgrace to journalism and the great journalists that Fiji has produced, the rest of the media in Fiji have come a long way since 2009.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fiji no longer a Pacific pearl

People living in tents after Cyclone Winston
Mother Nature has it in for Fiji at the moment sending floods and another cyclone post the worst cyclone in years, Cyclone Winston.

People are still struggling to get back on their feet and are living in tents as they await government help to rebuild. Ninety percent of the nation meanwhile are suffering from 'cika' or conjunctivitis after the cyclone and floods.

FNPF paid out thousands in the last month to people affected by the cyclone, unfortunately some recipients misused this money for alcohol and partying. It has become a joke with people treating the FNPF assistance as 'Christmas come early'. This was evident during the recent Hong Kong 7s win where people were seen with placards saying 'Thank you FNPF'.

Natural disasters aside, a concerning trend is the rise in the number of rape and murder cases in Fiji.

Mere Ailevu's body was found on Deuba beach. The Year 7 student of Lomary Catholic Primary School was found half naked, dead with a Tee- shirt tied around her neck at Loloma Beach. She had been raped and murdered.

A 39-year-old security officer of Vunibuabua settlement in Deuba was charged with the rape and murder of the 14-year-old girl.
Mere Ailevu

Today a 52-YEAR-OLD man was sentenced to 12 years for raping his three-year-old niece in 2010.

There have been a few other rape and assault cases this year.

It seems Fiji has become not only coup coup land, but a land of sex perverts.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bainimarama abuses Winston for political gain

Fiji continues to recover post Cyclone Winston with donations pouring internationally as well as within Fiji.

Not only have Fiji's neighbours like New Zealand and Australia provided major assistance in the rebuild but ordinary former Fiji nationals living overseas have taken it upon themselves to raise money or collect clothes etc for the victims of the cyclone.

This cyclone has reminded us that Fijians/Indo Fijians may appear divided politically, but are united at heart, especially when it comes helping each other during difficult times. And this generous spirit of us Fijians/Indo Fijians, can never be taken away, even by corrupt politicians.

It's interesting to see what is happening politically too during a disaster. There are some genuine parties like the three NFP MPs who have contributed $35,000 towards relief and rehabilitation of Fiji. SODELPA on the other hand has called for all parliamentarians to contribute 10% of their salaries.

In contrast, no word on sacrificing their salaries from two of Fiji's highest paid people, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. Instead Bainimarama has set up a 'PM's disaster relief fund' for people to contribute to.

Interesting too is all the praises for Bainimarama during this recovery. Photos of him hugging children, and women crying have been popular with comments like 'he is the best PM in the world', 'there has never been a PM like him', 'he is so down to earth unlike other PMs' and so on.

Cyclone Winston was devastating for Fiji but a golden egg for PR company Qorvis to promote Frank Bainimarama as a messiah. 

This is similar to what happened in New Orleans. A disaster becomes the best promotion for any Prime Minister. In Australia, former PM Tony Abbott received praise and accolades for how he dealt with the terrorism threats; in the US Barrack Obama's response to drive by shootings and a call for guns to be banned. There are many more examples. 

It is important to not confuse genuine behaviour with political mileage. 

While Fiji recovers and the focus is on helping the victims of the cyclone, Bainimarama has also chosen to appoint three of his military men to top positions.

  • Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto as the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces;

  • Brigadier General Sitiveni Tukaituraga Qiliho as the Commissioner of Police

  • Commander Francis Bulewa Kean as the Commissioner of the Fiji Corrections Service. 

Now why would he make such important appointments at a time when the country is still crippled? Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has labelled it 'jobs for the boys' and we agree.

All of them are abusers of human rights. Francis Kean, Bainimarama's brother in law is a murderer who never did his time.

So before you go praising Frank Bainimarama and his merry men for the efforts in the recovery of Fiji, think carefully about what is really going on and how Fiji is faring in the world today.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Cyclone Winston cripples Fiji

10 year old Salacieli Serevi lost her mother in the Cyclone. 
Hundreds of families and friends are desperately seeking news of loved ones as damage caused by Cyclone Winston continues to keep many in the dark.

10 people are reported dead and 7 missing at sea, after the Category 5 cyclone, the biggest ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, ripped through Fiji.

Phone lines are down, power is still out throughout many parts of the nation, with roads closed. 

Many families are still trying to make contact with loved ones, especially in the Western Division and little islands like the Lau Group, where Winston wrought extensive damage.

The Fiji Times is today reporting the tragic story of a mother from Qelekuro village in Tailevu, who was killed after she returned home to get some clothes for her children.

After taking her 10 and one year old children to the evacuation hall, Sera Tinai told her eldest daughter to wait there while she turned back to get clothes for them.

Her body was later found under a collapsed roof, with the bag of clothes strapped to her back.

The death toll is expected to rise as communication lines begin to return to normal.

Australia has announced it will provide five million dollars to help Fiji.