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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bainimarama boasts of 'mainstreaming Fijians' but school not ready for students

Shocking: the kitchen at Queen Victoria School where students will start the year late because officials have failed to ensure the renovations have been ready for 2017.

Shame on this so-called Fiji government.

Frank Bainimarama harks to visiting officials that Fiji has progressed and left the its past of 'institutional biases' but he and his cohorts have failed to have Queen Victoria School ready for the 2017 school year.

QVS staff and students were told their school would be ready for them, but they're not going to be in for another two weeks. This after being promised they would start the school year on time - with the help of two tents for each classroom!
The pro-government paper had touted in big headlines the school would be ready but it isn't.

The state of the school is so bad it is unlikely to withstand a Category 2 cyclone and is an occupational health hazard.

Why have the renovations not been done?

And why is the school in such a shabby state when the Education Minister was allocated $448.5 million in the 2016/2017 budget?

Bainimarama has meanwhile trotted out to officials attending the 25th Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) tripe about the country's progress. 

He's told them Fiji was once riddled with institutional biases but "we have knocked down many long-standing barriers to equal opportunity and laid out a clear progressive path for our national development."

Bainimarama's also talks of 'mainstreaming Fijians'.

"We have committed ourselves to mainstreaming as many Fijians as possible by making sure our economic gains do not belong to the few or the elite, but rather to the many - to all hard working ordinary Fijians to whom we owe our economic development."

How bizarre then that he and Mahendra Reddy have failed at something very basic, like having a school ready for its students.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fiji Airways elderly passenger crawls down stairs

This photo of the elderly woman crawling down the stairs has caused outrage
Photos of an elderly passenger crawling down the stairs of a Fiji Airways flight have gone viral causing outrage on social media. 

A passenger on board the Fiji Airways flight, Peter Tripp, took photos of the incident and posted it on Facebook.

“Getting off my flight from Fiji. I was shocked to see how this Fijian lady was treated.

“Ground staff just watched on as the crew tried to help her crawl and edge her way down each flight of stairs.

“Hello ....there is a duty of care here and it is not the crews duty to do this. Old school days... once the door is opened the passengers are handed to ground staff.

“There are legal consequences here and if she accidentally fell, the crew would have lost their jobs and the airline sued for damages.

The Captain watches in disgust?
“Passengers on transit bus was shocked and appalled. A disgusted passengers said 'OMG is this how they treat elderly passengers, ROLE THEM DOWN THE STAIRS'."

“Not hyping this up.I said 'no they bring them down on a lift truck if they are wheel chairs passengers'."

“I got up to say something to the ground staff and was quickly reminded by wifey I am OLD SCHOOL and I don't work for the airlines anymore.

“Saying the least after the wheel chair passenger was wheeled onto the bus, wifey asked the Ground Controller if this passenger was a special requirement why was she not lowered down on a lift truck.

“The controller said that the wheel chair passenger should have stated that she could not walk down the stairs.

“I turned away in disgust. Did she think we were born yesterday. Wifey and I have 45  experience behind us in passenger travels and this is not the way we do things in Fiji Airways.

“Let's stop contracting Sydney Airport ground duties and put an island touch back into the "THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE."

Fiji Airways managing director and CEO Andre Viljoen has responded saying “The comfort and safety of all our passengers is paramount”.

“We are aware of the unfortunate situation that occurred at Sydney Airport," Mr Viljoen said.

"We are unable to provide any further information surrounding this as we are unable to discuss individual customer matters."

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Debate on Fiji land sale reeked of 'Lord of Flies mentality'

A look back at the parliamentary debate on the Land Sales Act shows the legislation was bulldozed through with what appears to have been just one voice of reason, that of Bill Gavoka. 

As Karen Seaton's open letter to C4.5 details, Fiji media have not given the LSA16 issue the coverage and examination it deserves.

Open letter to Editor Fiji Times, Editor Fiji Sun …. after two years of attempts, no coverage of these Human Rights violations ( Article 7,11,17 U.N Declaration of Human Rights), to date, by Fiji Sun, Fiji Times, under Khaiyum’s repressive 2010 Media Decree….no free press in Fiji.
Gavoka: freehold land 'sacred'

Open letter to Fiji Coupfourpointfive
Radio New Zealand, 16/12/16, quoted a statement, a variation of which has been put to Fiji’s government, in hundreds of letters, over a two year period. “Retrospective law is unfair and there are many other Countries where people can invest without the hassle.” “And these are law abiding Countries where the Authorities respect the laws, the Authorities respect the Human Rights of people, where people don’t get summarily deported in flimsy excuses, where Ministers are accountable to the investors of Fiji. Fiji is absolutely giving the wrong signal in all these fronts.” As a boycott of Fiji has begun to be enacted by Fiji Land Owners Assoc.

As Fiji is, globally being signaled as an unwise place to invest, how did that come to pass?

Thursday 11th of December 2014, the Parliamentary Record reflects…

Hon. V.R. Gavoka stood as very much a lone voice, stood up for respect of the value of debate, disclosure and transparency, as 15 bills were being put to vote without that consideration.

One of them being Land Sales Act 16 (LSA16). To the issue of LSA16 he stated…"Freehold in this Country is always sacred. All over the world, my life has been in the Global Community, traveling, tourism and all that. To change this, only 10 percent of the land in Fiji, to touch something that is so sacred is an indication of this Government, which I brand as the most fearless government in the history of Fiji, fearless and touching things that are sacred.”

But those statements where set adrift amongst the calling up subconscious prejudices against immigrants to Fiji.

Kubuabola: egged Sudhakar on
As Hon. Sudharkar was standing up in support of all 15 bills without further scrutiny, allowing five minutes of debate for all of them being respectful in his opinion…goes so far as to erroneously state the opposite of effect it has had in Koro island, “What this intends to do, Madam Speaker, is to have development all over the Country.”
Sudhakar: Pushed for $250,000 or more dwellings

As further xenophobia (fear of immigrants) was called to the surface by Hon. A. Sudhakar, with “As soon as I mention that foreigners will be restricted, there is a lot of interjections and noise from the other side. May I ask them again; did the Fijians vote for you or the foreigners?”

And while not even a mention of aberration, from the Global community, in utilizing an application of a retrospective law was mentioned, Hon. Sudhakar stated further, “There must be a building on the land of 250,000.00$ or more.”

Friday, December 16, 2016

Deported landowner: Khaiyum rationale flawed

Deported Canadian landowner Karen Seaton remains in Los Angeles but has not given up the fight to stop landowners being forced to build $250,000 dwellings.

Seaton told Coup4.5 she remains 'stuck' in LA but continues to raise awareness of the proposed Land Sales Act 2016.

"No word from Fijian officials: I hear from my loved ones there and very concerned and deeply distressed."

Seaton was deported to Los Angeles last week after voicing her concerns about the new land provisions, amid claims she swore at the President.  

She told Coup4.5 the issue is not over and that landowners are due to launch a major campaign.

"The boycott will be hard in the short term but shedding a light on this injuries, standing up for these Human Rights will be of benefit to Fiji in the long-term. 

"Fiji must not be allowed to go the way of Zimbabwe, Belize, and others which did these same short-termed covetous policies." 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

FRU shamed over lack of support for its rugby players

Gold medal in Rio: Ryan with the team.

From one of Fiji's favourite sons to a 'liar.'

That's how the Fiji Rugby Union is treating former Fiji Sevens coach, Ben Ryan, after he had the temerity to point out a truth: the FRU hasn't been awarding players contracts as it should've been doing.

Ryan tweeted last Sunday "A fantastic effort by Fiji at @CapeTown7s @WorldRugby7sseries. FRU - please start paying these amazing men. No one contracted again." 

The embarrassed FRU opted to try to tarnish the
Honoured as a national hero
Olympic winning coach as a liar rather than own the criticism.

In a media release, the FRU denied the loss of sponsorship and funding saying "there is no truth in Ben's comments."

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Deportation of landowner exposes 'Chinese bias' in land sales

Fiji's decision to deport Karen Seaton has exposed the military government's plan to push through changes to the Land Sales Act that favour Chinese buyers.

Seaton was deported last week purportedly for swearing at the President - after appearing before a parliamentary select committee to speak against the incoming changes.

Just hours later, immigration officials removed her from her hotel and forced her on to a plane to Los Angeles, saying only that the orders had come from the top.
Koro Island

Seaton has admitted swearing but denies it was directed at the President. She said she was frustrated and had dropped her groceries in the rain and had used the F word to vent.

Question: if she didn't swear directly at the the President, how did officials know about it?

Seaton's deportation has shone a mega light on Aiyaz Sayed Khayium's questionable plans for Fiji land.

Under the Land Sales Act, all non-resident land owners now have to build a $US120,000 dwelling by the end of the year or pay a fine (10 per cent of the value of the land) every six months.

Land owners like Dave Rand, of the Fiji Land Association, say this is a ploy for them to sell their land below market value.
Karen Seaton

Rand has told media the plan is aimed at 'artificially crashing the real estate market and getting people to conduct a fire sale.'

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

International report endorses blog revelations of Fiji torture practices

Revelations by blogs such as Coupfourpointfive re the torture of Fiji citizens have culminated in a report on the 'darker side of Fiji' by Amnesty International.

The report cites the torture cases revealed by us in recent years, saying under the military’s dominance, 'Fiji has seen an ingrained culture of torture take root among its security forces.'

The Amnesty International report says a decade after the 2006 coup, the military remains in control of key institutions, including the police, 'with a militarization of the justice system that allows torture and other ill-treatment to go unpunished.'

Beating Justice: How Fiji’s Security Forces Get Away with Torture details how uniformed officials have inflicted severe beatings, rape and other sexual violence, attacks by police dogs, shootings and other forms of torture and ill-treatment or punishment in violation international law.

The report endorses ongoing revelations by Fiji's blogs and helps keeps the pressure on the military government and former coup leader Frank Bainimarama and police commissioners who have continued to mouth platitudes about bringing an end to the brutality meted out on Fiji citizens.