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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sore losers Bala and Naidu use police to disrupt TISI AGM

Fiji First Minister Parveen Bala and former Sagnam president Dorsami Naidu's bid to control TISI Sagnam has reached a despicable low with the pair resorting to using puppets and the police to disrupt the AGM where office bearers were supposed to have been elected.

Sources have revealed the disgruntled pair orchestrated the mayhem from Naidu’s Nadi office, just 500 metres from the venue where the AGM was being held, last Sunday.

They have also exposed the fact that the plan to disrupt the meeting so police had to be called in to stop it before elections could take place, was hatched on the eve of the AGM.

The key troublemakers have been named as one Govind Padiyachi, a high school assistant principal and a puppet of both Bala and Education Minister Mahendra Reddy, and one Yogesh Krishna, who is understood to be employed at the Education Ministry HQ.

Both were evicted by security officers, after which police led by the Divisional Police Commander Western and his Deputy, came in and called the meeting off.

Several have criticized the decision by senior police officers to stop the meeting and demand the permit – without discussing concerns with the TISI management – as heavy-handed and unnecessary.

The AGM had only one item on the agenda – election of office bearers – when police suddenly arrived. This is despite the fact that the High Court of Lautoka had ordered the AGM to be held on that day – August 28.

According to our sources, a few of the disruptive elements led by Govind Padiyachi were taken out of the meeting by security officers engaged by TISI. This happened in front of a few police officers, who stood by as were as the disgruntled few hurled abuse and questioned the authority of the executives.

They say when the last item on the agenda was announced, that is holding of elections, police suddenly appeared in large numbers and announced the meeting had been cancelled, ordering the more than 700 members to leave.

Police claim they stopped the meeting under the Public Order Amendment Decree. Yet our sources have established that under this Decree, a meeting of members only – as was the TISI AGM –  does not require a permit.

Readers will recall that the struggle for control of TISI has been waging for some time and that the High Court at Lautoka had dissolved the ex-parte injunction/motion obtained by Bala (Sangam vice-president), lawyer Naidu and Avinesh Reddy, TISI Sangam vice-president Raja Kumaran and Parmesh Lingam.

The decision effectively meant that Bala, Naidu and co could not contest the TISI Sangam elections.

Yet, two days later, Bala who has been desperately trying to become the President of Sangam, and Naidu pulled the low down stunt to derail the AGM.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Court's abuse of judicial process allows dissident Sangam officials to hold elections

In what is clearly an abuse of judicial process, the High Court at  Lautoka has granted an order to four dissidents of TISI Sangam to contest Sangam elections this weekend. 

Parveen Kumar Bala, Dorsami Naidu, Raja Kumaran and Avinash Reddy were suspended by the TISI Sangam National Council last month after they abused the election process during the TIV (Youth) Sangam meeting in May. This led to the cancellation of the AGM of the main body of Sangam - TISI Sangam. 

Bala is a Vice President of Sangam, Naidu (a veteran lawyer) is the immediate past president, Kumaran is also a Vice President while Reddy, who is a  Suva- based lawyer, is an official of Sangam's Suva branch. 

Sources have confirmed that late last Friday - around 5pm, the four (through an ex-parte action in the Lautoka High Court) obtained an order from recently appointed judge Sunil Sharma, allowing them to contest the Sangam elections, despite the suspension. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fiji fans shower Sevens team with love

Sea of fans eagerly waiting for team. pic fiji sun
Heroic team showered with love. pic afp

It was a welcome befitting heroes and that's the way it should've been.

The Fiji Sevens team arrived home from Rio yesterday with
Streets lined with fans
their gold medals to a glorious welcome from fans, many who decorated trees, lined roads and swarmed Prince Charles Park to show love.

Fiji is today enjoying a public holiday with the team due to get $30,000 each.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Flag to remain unchanged as Fiji Times is accused of 'inciting communal antangonism'

Accused fronting in court
We might be celebrating our first Gold medal at the Olympics but the charging of the Fiji Times and four individuals for 'inciting communal antagonism' is a reminder that life under decrees is not so golden.

The paper, three of its news officials and a letter writer for its itaukei supplement, Nai Lalakai, have been charged under section 65 (2) (a) (i) and section 53 (1) of the Crimes Decree.

It's alleged the group incited antagonism against Muslims in the following article published on 27 April:

“Ko ira na Musulomani era sega ni taukei kei Viti, sai ira nai lawalawa oqo era a curu botea na vanua eso ka dua vei ira ko Bangladesh mai Idia, kara vei vakamatei kina, kucuvi na nodra yalewa, ra vakararawataki na gone me yacova sara nira sa lewa ka sa nodra tu edaidai”

Friday, August 12, 2016

First ever gold for Fiji at Olympics

Viliame Mata and Ro Daquwaqa celebrate. Photo: Mark KOlbe Getty Image

Fiji's Osea Kolinisau scores a try
Fiji style: AP photo Themba Hadebe

Fiji has pummeled Great Britan at Rio to snatch its first gold ever at an Olympic.

The former colonial masters were thrashed 43-7.

Osea Kolinau and the team's convincing win means they will be getting some of that loot allocated for Olympic gold in the recent budget.

Well done boys!