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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amnesty warns Fiji heading towards unrest

by Phil Mercer

Amnesty International is predicting civil unrest and conflict with Fiji's military government, as army commanders continue to tighten their grip. The international human rights organization claims conditions in the troubled South Pacific nation are getting worse by the day.

Army chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama was reinstated as interim prime minister, earlier this month, following the president's decision to abrogate the constitution.

Amnesty International is painting a serious picture of life in Fiji, as the military continues to increase its authority.

The group's Pacific analyst, Apolosi Bose, says, as Fiji's fragile economy continues to crumble, the prospects of a public backlash against the military government will increase.

"The crime rate will definitely increase and there is a possibility of a greater law-and-order situation in Fiji," Bose said. "There are also soldiers who are going to be losing their jobs because of the decree to lay off people who've reached 55. So, couple that with the fact that people are not generally happy with the way things are happening, you could have a situation where there could be civil conflict."

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