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Thursday, April 23, 2009

ANZ caught napping?

The ANZ is apparently finding it hard to come over to the new directive given by the interim government for new interest spread and to set up a micro- finance section in all of its branches.

Our source says that’s because it fully knows that this will impact on its bottom line. He says the ANZ management tried every possible means to move closer to the regime, even inviting him to open the newly-refurbished ANZ Lautoka Prime. At the last minute, the honours were done by the new vice president, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

It's said the bank even organised business lunches and other small getherings to entertain the ministers of this regime. They were assisted by Athil Narayan - the acting Chief of Staff to ANZ – and a permanent resident holder of New Zealand.

He is also the brother in law of Parmesh Chand, the former private secretary to the prime minister.

Our source says it has also been confirmed that in early February, two high profile ANZ executives - Alex Thursby and Craig Sims - came down for a day to meet the interim prime minister and others.

But it seems the ANZ has been caught napping over the new financial directive and is paying for silently supporting the regime.


Anonymous said...

By the way, just for the record, Micro-financing has been on the forefront of very serious leading developing agency internationally and regionally in the Pacific (including leading financial institutions) in Fiji and the Pacific for over at least a decade. Banks (including ANZ) have been very reluctant to provocatively embrace the concept and pilot their own initiatives in partnership with past gov'ts, despite the fact that it's an obvious huge area to making a huge impact in local communities without necessarily threatening the banks'bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Athil Narayan got into ANZ through the back-door. He could not cut in the NZ Corporate Environment and used his brother-in-laws influence to get into ANZ.It was the same story when he was in Air Pacific - got in because his father was a senior executive with Air Pac.

Anonymous said...

In NZ , Athil Narayan worked for 3 companies and did not last long. First it was Galileo where he was for about 12 months, then TelstraClear where he only lasted 8 months, then finally Freedom Air where he was for about 9-10 months. He then went to Fiji and got into Sheraton, again through the back door and then he eneded up with ANZ. The guy has not had much success in real corporate environments. It is a laugh that he holds a position with ANZ that manages an organisations most valuable resource - Human Resource. He most likely, gets his recruits from his favourite haunts along Victoria Parade night club area.

Raj said...

I know Athil from USP days. He's always come across as a very dedicated, diplomatic, resourceful and intelligent person. All these qualities are essential in managing vast human resources. And behind every successful man there's a strong woman which Athil definitely has....:-)

Anonymous said...

If the above qualities you mention in him were true, he wouldnt need to get a job through the back door. As for having a strong woman....,more like petty coat governance!

Anonymous said...

People have been caught napping due to the negligence of the idniiduals. Al the constitutional terms have been inflicted for the better use of the parameters for the people on all grounds and surfaces for the individuals.