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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bainimarama: "We need to change"

Released today at 12.25pm

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is determined to transform the nation into a new and better Fiji.

Speaking to army officers during a Commander’s parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks, PM Bainimarama reaffirmed the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces stand in ensuring Fiji’s political reforms and getting rid of all forms of corruption.

“What is actually taking place here is what transpired from our undertaking since 2000 in this military camp, some of our fellow soldiers were victims of that incident in November and I would like to remind you again that we need to change how Fiji is being led and I do not want what happened in May 2000 to be repeated.

“We have to change the attitude of leadership in 2006 and we have made our stand and elections has been reflected in the Charter that a new system of election should be implemented,elections will never take place with the current old system,” he said.

In emphasizing President Ratu Iloilo’s decision for Fiji to return to parliamentary democracy by September 2014, PM Bainimarama stressed that though 5 years may seem to be a long time it will in fact be short and changes in the form of quick implementation of programmes that are geared towards development at all levels ranging from local,provincial to national will be the immediate priority of Government.

“The Military needs to support the vanua and the Government as we implement all necessary changes before the 2014 elections,”Prime Minister Bainimarama said.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, we need change; Iloilo, Baninimnarama and their goons to jail and back with a democratic order!