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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Civil servants over 55 must retire in two weeks - Decree

Frank Bainimarama's interim government have released a new State Services Decree, which states that any civil servant over the age of 55 must retire by April 30th.

The Decree, one of seven released today, states the retirement age for those working for the interim government is 55.

However it says the Police Commissioner Captain Esala Teleni, Army Commander Frank Bainimarama and Commissioner of Prisons are exempt from this rule.


Alivereti Batiwai said...

It is now obvious that Frank & Co are merely doing what they are doing or have done for personal gain. Everybody else retires at 55 but Frank, Teleni, Naivalurua and a host of close relatives like Meli Bainimarama etc. etc. They will stay on until the ship sinks. I say its time to fight the regime in any way possible for all those who love Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What about senile Iloilo; he should be put out to pasture or put down. You can't retire from senility!