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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Correspondent: We were told to obey new legal order

One of the journalists summoned to the Ministry of Information this afternoon says they were told to toe the line otherwise the emergency regulations would be extended a further 30 days.

Matelita Ragogo says she and the other journalists who were spoken to, were told that if they were not careful the hardline censorship of the press would continue.

"We were told that if we spoke or reported negatively about the interim government, then they would have no choice but to extend the Public Emergency Regulations for another 30 days, " Ms Ragogo said.

She added that the Deputy Permanent Secretary for Information, Setaleki Tale, warned them about obeying the rules under "the new legal order".


Anonymous said...

It's a no win situation.Either you report favourably or else. And out goes truth and the independence of the press. Let's learn to deal with it. The solution is in bringing down this evil system. By whatever means, let's bring them down!

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