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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fiji legal fraternity to show support

Lawyers in Fiji are tonight preparing to show support for the judges who were sacked last week by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

A well-placed source in Fiji told CoupFourPointFive, the legal fratenity plan to turn up to work, even if the courts are closed.

All judiciary, including the three judges behind the Thursday Court of Appeal ruling, were sacked.

But sources say the judges believe that technically they still have their jobs because the interim government has yet to appoint their replacements.

It's not certain, though, whether the courts will be open tomorrow or if military or police will be guarding the premises.

In revocating the judicial appointments last week, Ratu Iloilo dismissed the chief justice, justices of appeal, puisne judges, master of the high court, chief magistrate and magistrates without monetary compensation, ruling none could sue for damages.

In the same decree, he ruled interim government ministers are entitled to the remuneration and allowances they had the before the April 10 (Friday) announcement.

1 comment:

FijiGirl said...

If Ratu Iloilo cannot prove his mental capacity for independent rational thought and action, is his claim to the Presidency still valid?
If his claim to the Presidency is arguably invalid, is his decree to abrogate our 1997 Constitution legally binding?
God bless Fiji