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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fiji TV pulls news

Fiji TV has pulled its 6pm news due to heavy censoring.

Today the Fiji Times ran blank pages 2 and 3 blank, with messages that stories had been censored.

According to sources, this afternoon the military had a meeting with the Fiji Times editor and management and told them not to run blank pages, even if the stories are censored. They've been told to run other stories on the pages instead.

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Unknown said...

The headlines are right - Fiji has gone from bad to worse. The developments of the last few days makes the island nation a laughing stock. And surely, Bainimarama, is having the biggest laugh; he has, after all, managed to twist the law to suit his agenda. It was classic how he told Australia's ABC he had nothing to do with the decision of the feeble Iloilo. Just as hilarious was how he praised locals for being co-operative - even as he monstered the Suva media. This April Fool abrogation of the Constitution and emergency power decrees, has turned what was once the New York of the Pacific into a sorry little country. The key to purging Fiji of the military -and coups - must surely lie in the elimination of guns from Fiji. For without the guns, I doubt Bainimarama would be so brave.