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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fiji TV reporter arrested

Sources say Fiji TV reporter, Edwind Nand, was questioned this afternoon because of his interview with ABC journalist, Sean Dorney.

Nand is understood to be still at the Central Police Station in Suva.

Fiji TV have been told it's not allowed to air the Dorney interview.

Sean Dorney and New Zealand journalist, Sia Aston, were both asked by the Bainimarama administration to leave Fiji today, and are waiting to board their flight.

They were the last two foreign journalists in Fiji.


Anonymous said...

I am an american and wanted to travel to Fiji this fall 2009. I am concerned about the situiation of government and potential social unrest. Unfortunately most media outlets in the nation have now been censored. I hope that this blog and its users can provide uncensored insight to the current situation there. My concern as a traveler is crime and viloence, political ideolgy, economic situtaion as I will be traveling on a budget and anything else you deem important.

Thank you,

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