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Thursday, April 16, 2009

ITUC urges Fiji to Restore Democracy

The International Trade Union Congress has expressed grave concerns that the Fijian President Josefa Iloilo has reinstated the government, despite the Court having ruled it as illegitimate.

In a statement just released, the ITUC called on the Fiji regime to immediately lift the restrictions on the media, and ensure full respect for the rule of law and the Constitution,.

It also expressed its grave concern over the suspension of the Constitution and firing of the judges and called for urgent and full restoration of democracy and the return of civilian rule.

“The international trade union movement condemns the declaration of a state of emergency with police given powers to control the movement of people" said ITUC General Secretary, Guy Ryder.

Mr Ryder said freedom of the Press was a pillar of democracy and the restrictions that have been imposed are completely unacceptable and must be withdrawn.

"The regime should also publicly undertake to hold free and fair elections without delay to ensure democracy, and in order to avoid the further and deepening isolation of Fiji by the international community."

The ITUC represents 170 million workers in 312 affiliated national organisations from 157 countries and territories.

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Anonymous said...

Come on folks, as Churchill said, we'll fight them everywhere; let's close the airports, the ports, and the highways. Thats easy to do now with the ITUC on our side!