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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Job loss at Fiji Water counted as anti-government

The heavy media censorship of Fiji's media continued today.

Yesterday news of 98 workers being made redundant by Fiji Water was not aired on the normal news service, it was only aired wherever Sky Pacific transmission was available .

Sources have told Coupfourpointfive that the item was on the news list as the first story, but it was pulled out after it went to air. Apparently the head of the Information unit, Major Neumi Leweni, was watching the news from his office at the ground floor of Government Buildings. He immediately called the national broadcaster and ordered it to be pulled out.

According to well placed sources, news about termination of workers is not anti-government, and it seems the military are not sure of what's anti-government and what's not.

Another media unit under the eyes of the military at the moment is Pacnews. Since the arrest of its journalist, the military have been closely monitoring the news being put out.


Anonymous said...

This news item was reported in such a way that it could have been classified as anti-government. What wasn't made clear enough in this report was that the workers were made redundant solely because of the Financial Crisis that is hitting the USA, where a 26% reduction in water exports have been recorded.

Unknown said...

So the government doesn't know how to determine what is 'anti-government' and what isn't. I would suggest that a military dictatorship led by a crazed megalomaniac and rather silly croneys is anti government. After all, a dictatorship that stifles media can do what it likes in determining what news gets out. And of course, this is happening. The dictatorship doesn't have any guidelines to make any rational determinations on anything, except their own misuse of power.