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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journalists banned from Government Buildings

Journalists in Fiji have been told to stay away from Government Buildings today.

Sources told Coupfourpointfive a number of journalists were visited by the police in the last hour and were told government buildings, including the main court house, were out of bounds.

The police have also warned journalists not to take pictures of people coming and going at the buildings.

Most of the government offices, including the Prime Minister's office, the Ministry of Information and the judiciary, are right in the heart of Suva, within minutes of each other.

Fiji's media have chosen to run without political stories in recent days as a result of the new emergency laws and the new hardline censorship decrees.

However, they've been monitoring activity around the government buildings.

There was particular interest today with news the legal fraternity were to show their support of sacked judciary.

The governor of the Reserve Bank, Savenaca Narube, was also put under house arrest this morning, after being told last night not to go to work.

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