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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More journalists rounded up

Pacnews Reporter and Australian Associated Press stringer Pita Ligaula was arrested today between 1.30pm- 2pm.

Sources say the arrest was over two stories which appeared in Australian newspapers today.

The AAP's Wellington Bureau has organised a lawyer for him. Faizal Hanif, from Munro Leys, is with him at the moment.

Meanwhile, overseas correspondents and freelancers are still in a meeting with Major Neumi Leweni.

It's understood the meeting is to relay a message of "Do" and "Don't's" similar to a meeting with newsroom editors and directors last Friday.

Those meeting with Major Leweni are Samisoni Pareti, Makereta Komai, Matelita Ragogo, Laisa Taga and Ricardo Morris.

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