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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sources: President "fooled" into abrogating Constitution

Coupfourpointfive has been told by a well-placed source there's evidence to suggest the ageing president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, may not have known the full scale of what he was doing the day he abrogated the Constituton.

Our source says he has evidence of a conversation the 89-year old head of state had with his matani-vanua (traditional spokesman) that Good Friday, April the 10th.

The conversation is said to have taken place after he made the announcement, when he retired to his room on the first floor of Government House, accompanied by the matani-vanua.

It's said Ratu Iloilo sat on his bed, his matani-vanua on a chair, and that the latter asked Ratu Iloilo in the Fijian language if he was serious about throwing away the Constitution.

A stunned Ratu Josefa then stated “huh” and continued to say, in Fijian, seqa, seqa, seqa; no, no, no, “that wasn’t what Rupeni ‘Nacewa’ (the personal secretary) gave me to read”.

The matani-vanua is said to have replied in Fijian, “But Turaga that is what you just did”- throw away the Constitution.

The source claims Ratu Iloilo's wife, the First Lady Adi Kavu, came upstairs and ordered the matani-vanua to leave the room and that the matani-vanua was not seen at Government House until this Friday, when Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was appointed Vice-President.

It's widely believed the military regime has been using the misguided president to rubber-stamp the deeds of Frank Bainimarama - first with the Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, and now with attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

It's believed the aged Ratu Iloilo was employed to rubber-stamp several of the regime's treasonous acts, includuing the overthrow of Laisenia Qarase’s Multi-Party Government.

Ratu Iloilo then went on to bless the People’s Charter, a document spearheaded by Johnny Comelately's wanting to cash in on the interim regime’s gravy train.

Regarding the conversation between him and his spokesperson on Good Friday, our source says that never in traditional protocol has the matani-vanua been separated from Ratu Iloilo, as he was the day the Constitution was abrogated.

He added that staff at Government House this week have seen a black dog prowling the building and the compound.

According to Fiji history, the people of Vanua of Vuda, see this as a sign their chief is nearing his end and that Ratu Ilioilo's predecessor, Tui Vuda, Ratu Josefa Tavaiqia, passed on not long after a black dog was sighted.

Editor's note: Other news circulating this week about Ratu Josefa Ilioilo included a story about his village, Vuda, in the province of Ba wanting him to come home. Villagers have been upset about the way he's been portrayed in the media and the abuse that's been hurled at him for abrogating the Constitution and say they want him to come home.


Anonymous said...

Omg!!e dina??oiaue fakapo...lol

Anonymous said...

That numbskull should just die. His legacy will not be a good one from our past generations, the current and the future.

Don't we just hate him for making life such a misery with the abrogation and the decrees that he is dishing out from his office.

His name, Iloilovatu, should be changed to Uluvatu or Ulukau.

Anonymous said...

Kavu e sega ni vakavanua taki na vanua o tiko kina kei na watimu yalowai.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day for Fiji, really that both young and old alike a cussing at a high chief no matter what he's done.

This is not to say that I disagree and that if he were my peer I would also cuss and through insults.

However, if you just reflect that not long ago where you were beaten down and sometimes killed for saying such things.

Sad really don't you think

God bless Fiji!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness you people need to go to Western where you get off from the airplane from wherever you are and see how the people in Western do respect their chief...sad you people just show where you come from, and how you've been brought up. Better go back to your villages and check if you have any title to have a say..bet you guys are just some people who never set foot on there because you know you nothing about your vanua and your tutu vakavanua.

Anonymous said...

Anony April 20 12.52.....i am so sorry

Ratu Iloilo should retire peacefully in Vuda or otherwise these juntas will prematurely end this great chief's life...

They have done it already....to Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara....

Anonymous said...

I hope the black dog is prowling the compound to "take" the "real" cuplrits at GH and not someone who has probably been "used"......and now...."abused".........

Anonymous said...

It is sad to read all the nasty comments about the President, I thought that Fiji is a GOD fearing country. Anyway may the Almighty continue to bless him and love you for your nasty comments. We all know that he is being used as rubber stamp.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It was obvious that right from the start Frank had no respect or the time for Fijian chiefly system. This was showed by his rude comments generally about chiefs since 2006 onwards. The famous homebrew comment by Frank is the rudest of them all. The termination of the Great Council of Chiefs is another.

With this background however he maintained Iloilo's chiefly status just to formalise all his illegal activities until the abrogation of the Constitution. He does not respect Iloilo. It was just a means to an end and the people of Vuda and Momoedonu did not realise this. Their chief was nothing but a puppet of Frank.