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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Released law president gives first international interview

The president of the Fiji Law Society admits he's afraid of the repercussions but says he'll continue to speak up where it's needed.

Dorsami Naidu was released today after a night in police custody, as a result of supporting judiciary who were sacked last week by the president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

In this first interview with international media, on Checkpoint Radio New Zealand National, he said the police tried to pin sedition on him but were forced to release him without charging him.

Mr Naidu said he feels compelled to speak out against the illegal decision by the interim government to abrogate the constitution and to introduce the Public Emergency Regulations - and will keep doing so.

"Why hide from the truth?" he told Checkpoint. "Somebody has to speak out."

The interview was the first he gave to media outside Fiji.

Just after his release earlier today, he spoke with local media but one didn't run the story and the other is said to have misquoted him.

The Fiji Tmes is reported to have said Mr Naidu accepts the rule of the interim government and the emergency regulations, but this has been challenged by him.

Mr Naidu says he is trying to contact the paper but wonders whether the Times was forced to say what it did.


FijiGirl said...

I can't help feeling that the Fiji Times reporter would have written up the correct story, only to have it censored or altered by the military goons who are based in their office. It's the same as when Rabuka held his coup in 1987 and stationed his soldiers in the newsrooms. The counter-productivity of this move was astounding. Everyone KNEW that the soldiers were editing the stories, so instead we paid more attention to rumours and took mainstream media reports with a grain of salt. Amazing how History Repeats...
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

The legal fraternity should be proud of Dorsamy Naidu and the other lawyers who are staninding up for the rights of the ordinary Fiji Islander. The Methodists have publicly come out saying through their General Secretary that they do not want to confront the regime - where is the teaching of the Lordf Jesus who confronted the authorities when they did wrong!! The Catholic Church is also guilty by association. I suggest that the smaller Christian churches must now take up the fight for their members and the rest of others that call Fiji home!


Alivereti Batiwai said...

Its time like this we need people like Dorsamy Naidu who speak for the majority suffering in silence. Well done mate.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have stumbled across your blog a few days ago, and have found it to be a pleasantly refreshing collection of news and events.

From what i have read so far, your news feeds and articles appear to be objective and not laced with innuendo as is seen in some other "popular" blogs.

Since there is no expected time frame (other than the much-publicized 2014 of course), perhaps blogs like yours may end up the liberal news voice of Fiji.

It is therefore imperative that you keep up the good work with the objectivity and impartiality that has sadly been throttled in Fiji's media by the military.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us have a say.I lived in Fiji for over 30yrs. I lived in a small village in Labasa Married to man from that vilage.Haveing live there through all the coups and other disarsters that take place weather wise I feel so sad that now all we strove for has been upset once again to make things hard for one such as Farmers who work so hard for a living to feed ,school, and clothe their familys..Please let it return to the tranquil Fiji I firts knew as I knew so many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Once again I feel so sad when having been in touch with our family ones in Labasa over the weekend to hear that the children from our small village have no bus service to take them to school.... In the 1970 years we fort so hard to get the bus company that we used to come at times in the morning and afternoon so the children would not have to walk endless miles to be educated........and now that has all been in vain it seems.Please let it all end and let education become first in this changing world that our young ones face today.I also worry over the situation for the sugar cane farmer in Labasa as without sugar sales in Labasa the town has no income of much as sugar income runs the town....Not a happy day to wake up to really.