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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reporter's release delayed by Teleni

Fiji TV is keeping a close eye on the detainment of its reporter, Edwin Nand, who is spending a second night in jail.

Mr Nand was taken into custody yesterday, for interviewing Australian journalist, Sean Dorney.

He has not been charged by the police and it's understood the military regime is trying to establish who approved footage to be sent to the ABC.

It's understood Major Neumi Leweni, from the Ministry of Information, said Nand could leave, but he was then told Police Commissioner, Captain Esala Teleni, wanted to talk to him.

That was earlier tonight and he remains in the Central Police Station in Suva.

Edwin Chand is accused of breaching the publication and broadcasting provisions of the Public Emergency Regulations.

The last two foreign journalists left Fiji today, and have returned to New Zealand and Australia detailing the difficulties the Fiji media is being forced to work under as the military cracks down on what it calls negative coverage.

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