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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sada Reddy confirmed as new head of Fiji Reserve Bank

The interim government has formallly announced the new governor of the Fiji Reserve Bank as Sada Reddy, the man previously deputy governor.

The confirmation comes as the government devalues the Fiji dollar by 20 per cent.

It follows, too, the sacking, yesterday, of the governor of the Fiji Reserve Bank, Saveneca Narube.

A press statement by the Bank says Mr Reddy has been appointed for three years, effective from today (April the 15th).

The statement says he is highly regarded for his experience in economic and financial policy matterrs.

Sada Reddy was the chair of the Housing Authority for 6 years and is the current chair of the Fiji School of Medicine and deputy chair of the Capital Market Development Authority.

He graduated with a masters from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and joined the Reserve Bank in 1975.

He was deputy governor for 14 years.


Anonymous said...

Narube did not have nor command the courtesy and respect that Kubuabola and Siwatibau had. He was very aloof - almost bordering on frightening, according to those that worked with him.

Pacific in the Media said...


The Reserve Bank of Fiji is run by a sleeping Governor, namely SADA REDDY.

While he fulfills his PR status in NZ with his whole family at present, the Central Bank is being run from NZ through his Blackberry.

Recently all the Chief Managers in the Bank and his trusted "Hound Dogs" was also issued with a Blackberry which is being issued to bark orders from the other end of the Globe.

How convenient that Bai and Sada R are away overseas while sending orders through a Blackberry.

Sa vakaloloma na noda vanua ni cicivaka tu oi ira na kawa ca sa va tu qo. Sega ni dua na ka vinaka e kauta mai vei keda nai Taukei, ia e qai ia tale o Bhai me vakayagataki ira tu na kawa tamata qo baleta me rawa kina na nona i naki ni rawa i lavo, koco i yau ka vei vakatalia taka tu na Lawa ni Noda Vaua.

Au vakabauta sa kena gauna me yadra mai kina oi ira nai Liuliu ni vei Vanua i Viti.

Me ra moce tiko me na yaco i vei? Me yacova saraga ni sa lala na Tobu ni noda i Yau? Yalovata mada nai liuliu mera vakarusai oi ira na kawa tamata dau butako i yau sa liutaki keda tu qo i Viti. Na Kalou dina ga mo masuta sai koya o Jiova Jaireh, sega ni tanoa ni yaqona se vakacuru.

Kua ni moce, yadrava na nomu Vanua Liuliu ni Vanua.

Savenaca Narube's only fault was doing an honest job in the Bank and now replaced by a grey-haired-Indian thief wanting to live in 2 places at one time.