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Friday, April 24, 2009

Shameem sisters said to be outraged

The former director of the Human Rights Commission, Shaista Shameem, and former High Court judge, Nazhat Shameem, are said to be outraged at Attorney General's Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyum's decision to abrogate the Constitution.

The two lost their jobs when the Constitution was thrown out the window on April the 10th.

Coupfourpointfive has been told both had advised Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, to appoint a caretaker prime minister instead of abrogating the Constitution.

It's claimed they wanted someone they could control, and that it was planned to ask him to declare - after a few months - that he could not handle the job.

The job would then be handed back to Bainimarama who would then use the excuse that no one wanted to be caretaker PM while Fiji fixed its electoral problems and headed back to elections.

Sources also say former chief justice, Anthony Gates, has also decided not to join the bench, because he, too, is unhappy with the abrogation of the Constitution.

The interim government has yet to announce a Chief Justice - a role some have wanted Nazhat Shameem to assume.


FijiGirl said...

Is the best description for this a) footstamping, b) pouting, c) full on tantrum, d) what you get for trading in the Rule of Law for a terrorist who cannot be trusted?
God bless Fiji

Voresara said...

Serve the two sisters right for supporting an illegal regime. What goes around comes around or may be they did not teach that in law school.

Keep The Faith said...

Hehehe told ya the fellowship of thugs was disintegrating...he's letting go of the dead-weight and surrounding himself with only those he would trust his life to...which is a very very small rent-a-crowd.

Anonymous said...

Given cranky Franky's decree that 55 year olds should be retired from the civil service, doesn't that rule out at least one of them from holding a public office position of any sort?

i.e. the bottled blond counterfiet human rights defender?

Anonymous said...

This should be a warning to all pppl who support FB especially ppl like those 2 sisters & other trying to hold higher offices at this time of sorrow in Fiji & join the band wagon for personal gains. I can see something hapenning before xmas this year with civil unrest or civil war errupting in fiji between FB & his navy supporters against the army & rest of fiji. we are letting this idiot leading fiji to a path of desolution and fiji as a pariah to the rest of the world. Kick China out as they are supporting this IG & FB govt with about $160mil in aid already given to Frank & Co. Your days are numbered & all who took part is called treasonist against Fiji & its ppl.