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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'Truth may filter out via internet'

The internet may be the last hope in revealing the truth about what is happening in media-censored Fiji, according to a Massey journalism lecturer who reported on the 1987 coup.

Military ruler Frank Bainimarama has suspended the country's constitution and imposed martial law and state censorship on the nation's media. The last foreign journalists in Fiji, including TV3's political reporter Sia Aston and a cameraman were due to be deported today.

Lecturer and journalist Allan Samson says the local media's decision not to print or air censored stories is honourable and courageous. He says the truth about the political situation in Fiji will eventually filter out, probably through the internet.

While reporting in Fiji in 1987 Samson was arrested twice. He says he and photographer Simon Townsley were handed over to the army, interrogated for four hours and told not to print what officials described as 'bullshit'.

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