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Monday, April 20, 2009

Major Development: UN to discuss Fiji today (Tuesday, NZ time)

The United Nations Security Council is expected to be briefed on the situation in Fiji by B. Lynn Pascoe, the Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs, today New Zealand time.

The briefing is likely to focus on the April 10 decision by Fiji’s interim government to scrap its constitution - a response to the April 9 ruling by Fiji’s Court of Appeal that the removal of the elected government in 2006 was unlawful and that the appointment of the interim government unconstitutional.

Coupfourpointfive has been tipped off that UN Council members are also likely to discuss the future of the organisation's role in brokering political dialogue in Fiji.

The briefing will take place under “Other Matters” following Mr Pascoe’s briefing to the Council on the Middle East during consultations in the afternoon.

Issues expected to be discussed include:
* encouraging the Secretary-General to work closely with organisations such as the Pacific Island Forum and the Commonwealth;
* highlighting the possible threat to peace and security as a result of actions that undermine the rule of law; and
* requesting the Secretary-General to suggest ways in which he could use his good offices to help resolve the situation.
* discussing the future of Fiji in UN Peacekeeping duties
* and discussing the deterioration of human rights in Fiji

Editor's Note: This item first appeared on this site on Tuesday night under the heading "UN to discuss Fiji situation tomorrow (Wednesday).

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