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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Church leader detained?

Updated 11.12am - There's conflicting reports over the Methodist Church Leader, Reverend Manasa Lasaro.

Sources told us yesterday that Rev Lasaro was taken in by soldiers to Queen Elizabeth Barracks last night.

Sources said soldiers went to his home in Nawanawa Nasinu, and escorted him to the barracks for planning a spiritual march against the interim regime, next week.

Sources say flyers were sent to senior church ministers around the country informing them of the march.

However other blogs are reporting that Rev Lasaro was not detained, though he had hoped to, to give a reason for the Methodist Church protesting.

Our sources are trying to verify the conflicting reports and this will be updated, once the information comes to hand.


Anonymous said...

Wonder why Lasaro did not organise a march against George Speight and Rabuka... instead he joined the band of merry man! The Fijian society would be better off without these racist and unscruplous "church leaders".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, George Speight had a brain and knows when to stop. Frank does'nt have a brain, otherwise he would have saved the nation instead of his own a**. George can give and take the punishment, not Frank, he's scared to go to prison. Wame.

Tuma said...

Exactly!...better off with that murderer/thug/terrorist/dictator/e.t.c Bainimarama instead.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous no:1..there's no racism in Fiji ,people like you are the ones that are rasist bcos you use thaqt as an excuse to get into western countries as refugees..like those now living in Canada etc...

Anonymous said...

Commodore Bainimarama may be a dictator but he is a benevolent one and has noble intentions and is a very visionary leader. So outrageous that some 'educated' people here consider that racist pig Speight a better person than him... like comparing a crow with a peacock!

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 12:30

Benevolent? Noble? Do you need a thesaurus??

It escapes me how it is logically possible for someone who among other things --- steals from national coffers for leave dated to the 70s (that no one is cross-checking); selective justice a'la his brother in law Kean, and letting his men who murdered Rabaka & Verebasaga get off scot-free (bcus he ordered the strike) --- can even be associated with these 2 terms.

Yes Speight was bad. So was Rabuka and even more so now Bainimarama.