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Saturday, May 30, 2009

BREAKING - Fire at Trade Unionist's office

An attempt was made tonight to burn down the office of Attar Singh, the general secretary of the Fiji Post and Telecom Association.

Singh who also heads the Fiji Democracy group, recently had his house and cars stoned.

This is the second time an attempt was made to burn down his Knolly street office.

The incident happened between 9pm and 10pm tonight and burnt the visitors lounge scalded.

Firemen found an empty gallon at the back of the office and a jug of petroleum at the front door entrance of the building.

They also found a green farmers hat, typically worn by soldiers.

The firemen were able to stop the fire from spreading to the rest of the Naqova House building on Knolly Street.


FijiGirl said...

Watch for silence from Chodopu$$y. A real trade unionist would not stand by while another is threatened. It's the old 'United We Stand Divided We Fall' code of honour. But Chodo, who has no honour, will not stand up or speak out for trade unionists. He's too busy trying to wrest native land from the natives to give a hoot for the plight of Fiji's workers.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji should not be surprised that these types of criminal activities are now rampant. It is the method used by Frank and his military regime.

If there is resistance from any quarter then activate some criminal activities against them and hopefully they will stop resisting. The problem however is that these regime critics are not giving up. The more the regime wants to stop these supporters of democracy the more they are encouraged to resist this regime.

Anonymous said...

Can't work in the long-term, because once things calm down again, people will just continue to say what they feel!

The Regime would therefore not have changed anything!

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