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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BREAKING - Lawyers hauled in

Munroy Leys lawyers Richard Naidu and Jon Apted have been taken in for questioning on allegations they're bloggers.

The pro-military regime blogsite, Real Fiji News, accused Naidu and Apted of being bloggers on Raw Fiji News, and this week warned they were about to be outed by the military.

The detainment of Naidu and Apted was reported by the blogsite Intelligensiya at 1.49pm.

Another lawyer claimed by Real Fiji News to be a blogger, Tevita Fa, has also been detained.

Police have told Legend FM news, the lawyers computers are being checked for suspicious activity.

Real Fiji News has been warning that bloggers in Fiji will be exposed. Below is what they've posted on their blogsite.

"...It is worth the wait, and for those bloggers who have openly said ‘F*%& the Military we are not scared of them’ you will also be exposed and for those who have hidden behind the blog and laughed at your tough words, then you wait also, we have your names, we know who you are and when we are good and ready we will EXPOSE you.


Anonymous said...

@ Popeye % his motley Crew.

On behalf of freedom loving Bloggers everywhere.

Go forth & reproduce!


Anonymous said...

The tactics used by the military regime supporters are quite lame and below the belt. Especially when they know that the regime is using the false information they are writing in their blog site to arrest innocent people.

Their style is quite pathetic because they name innocent people in the hope that the military arrests them!

Keep The Faith said...

Oilei! Like "good and ready and WRONG AGAIN"...

Pathetic Man!

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