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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BREAKING - Military regime to push propaganda through media

There's revelations tonight that Fiji's interim regime plans to use the Fiji media to push its propaganda.

Coupfourpoinfive has received a leaked document containing minutes of a meeting held at the Parliamentary complex in Veiuto.

The meeting was chaired by the Permanent Secretary of Information Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni and attended by Acting Deputy Secretary for Information Setareki Tale, the Deputy Secretary for National Planning and a former long serving information officer Filimoni Kau and the Principal Administrative Officer in the Information Ministry, Pene Nonu.

Nonu is widely believed to be the chief censor of all censors assigned to newsrooms since 10th April. He was also the Principal Policy & Analysis Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister under Laisenia Qarase.

The meeting of the four individuals started at 3.00pm and ended at 4.20pm. The four men discussed and agreed upon the following:

- Public Emergency Regulations to be followed by every Ministry so that the regime can fulfill its purposes and goals.

- How each Ministry’s Media Liaison Officer (MLO) could assist the Police, Military and Information Ministry to censor media outlets daily

- Media Liaison Officers to report positively and act as role models for media organizations, and to positively structure all news disseminated to the media

- Information Ministry and regime to sign an agreement with Fiji Television for a pro-regime channel for 2-7 weeks per week to broadcast the State’s development programmes

- Information Ministry to sign an agreement with the Fiji Sun newspaper (that accepted the new legal order via is editorial on 11th April) to publish a weekly 12-page lift-out about regime’s programmes and initiatives

- All Ministries and Media Liaison Officers to contribute towards the 12-page Fiji Sun lift-out

In what the meeting described as “Way forward after 10th May” the four recommended for the extension of Public Emergency Regulations or Promulgation of Media Law to be decreed.

The “Way Forward” as described by the four is obviously to ensure that even if the Public Emergency Regulations are not extended beyond 10th June, the media will be subjected to the same intense censorship and scrutiny practiced by the regime since April 10.

The plan by the regime is to Decree Media Laws via a promulgation.


ex Fiji tourist said...

The answer is simple; Fijians should STOP buying The Sun.

With a very low circulation, advertisers will dry-up and the paper will be economically inviable. The band leader will then have to spend more of the money that Fiji hasn't got to prop up this propaganda machine.

The editor should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

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