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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Civilians bashed by army

Reports of at least two civilians being bashed up by soldiers on Sunday have been verified to be correct.

The incident happened on the Kings Road near Nasinu.

Sources have confirmed an Indian man working for a company providing consultancy services for procurement of passports, visitors visa and migration was driving a car with friends when an army vehicle tried to overtake.

However because the highway was busy, the soldiers couldn't but finally did when the road became clear.

Sources say the soldiers then overtook the car, went ahead and stopped it.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the soldiers bashed up the employee of the consultancy firm and at least one other passenger in the vehicle, for failing to let them overtake despite the fact that the road was busy.

The victims went to Central Police Station in Suva to lodge a report but were told to go to Valelevu Police Station as the incident happened within that police station’s jurisdiction.

We have confirmed that a report was lodged by the victims but the fate of any investigation is yet to be seen.

Under the Public Emergency Regulations Decree all members of the security forces (police and army) are immune from being charged for any offence or from prosecution for any force they exert on civilians in the execution of their duties.

They cannot be liable for prosecution or any criminal charge even if they seriously injure or kill a civilian in the execution of their duty.

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