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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Effects of retirement taking its toll

The reality of being unemployed all of a sudden is starting to take a serious effect on the civil servants who had to retire on April 30.

Over 2000 government workers had to retire as part of Frank Bainimarama's new legal order.

These included, teacher, road construction and maintenance workers, health building maintenance workers, hospital cooks and kitchen hands, ward assistants in hospitals, those who have tirelessly worked in the laundry and boiler rooms of hospitals to ensure clean laundry for patients, and water and sewerage department workers.

Sources have told Coupfourpointfive that while being handed retirement letters(click link on right of blog to see letter), the workers pleaded for their children to be employed in their place to bring in income.

A Director signing and handing out the letters, who also had to retire, broke down in tears after hearing the pleas.

Sources say that since retiring, one person has died from shock and another who could not bear the stress of being made jobless, has suffered a massive stroke.

Two teachers fainted while receiving their letters and had to be rushed to hospital, one of them died.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that more retirees are expected to die, as they find it hard to re-adjust to life doing nothing, after 30 plus years of working - See Retirement Letter on right of blog under Leaked Documents

1 comment:

Mark Manning said...

My heart goes out to all Fijians who have and continue to suffer under this evil repressive Regime and it's cowardly supporters .
At the end of this current cycle of stupidity , something must be done to bring all the coup perpetrators and their supporters to Justice and Laws put into place to stop this kind of thing happening again in Fiji .
As well as new laws to combat these acts of sedition and treason , a new will to enforce those Laws , without fear or favour !
Rest assured , we are doing all we can in Sydney , to help speed up the demise of this evil oppressive Regime and it's supporters .
At the end of this process , all fijians need to take a good look at themselves and see where they may have contributed in some way and then correct their outlook for your children and Grandchildren's sake , as much as for your own sakes !