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Monday, May 25, 2009

Blog readers worried about being detected

People in Fiji are reportedly scared to be seen using the internet in case they are thought to be reading anti-government blog sites.

That's according to one of the bloggers behind the blog Coup Four Point Five, who says it's not just bloggers themselves who are careful about being identified by the government, but blog readers as well.

Several lawyers were allegedly "outed" as anti-government bloggers last week, and were taken-in for questioning.

Radio Australia's Bruce Hill reports on people's fears about being caught reading blogs, and what they can do to remain anonymous - click on link to listen http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/pacbeat/stories/200905/s2580228.htm

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Crosbie Walsh said...

I suppose with the media clamp-down, hearsay and rumour must be expected. But isn't this going a little too far? The image left is Orwellian, a whole country living in fear, whereas the reality, if the hearsay is correct, is more likely to be that anti-Government people using a computer at work (and those with no access to computers who have to use internet cafes) may be affected. Still undesirable, I agree, but it's hardly a whole country living in fear.