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Friday, May 15, 2009

Interim regime confirms government channel

The Fiji interim government has confirmed to Radio New Zealand the exclusive story reported by Coupfourpointfive regarding a deal with two media organisations for it to access air time and editorial space.

Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni has confirmed the regime plans to launch a Fiji government channel next week.

He said the channel will be a paid one, but it will be made available at no cost to everyone when it airs the interim regime's broadcasts on initiatives and development programmes.

Leweni said the government is still discussing with the newspaper, the Fiji Sun, a similar deal which would allow it to access to 12 - or more pages - every week to update the nation on the work it was doing.


Anonymous said...

Any doubts about current mental state of Frank & motley crew are surely dismissed.

Forget Hospitals & Schools etc - what a bunch of egotistical tax payer funded no hopers.

Only saving grace is maybe they can run continous Popeye cartoons?

Anonymous said...

I for one won't waste my time and money buying the Fiji Sun or watching that TV channel.

Save us the bullshit, please!

Anonymous said...

Oilei I thought they don't have money! What a waste of tax payers funds.....nothing is for free nowadays,this is corruption to the max! If he's not using taxpayers money I wonder who's funding this?Why do they need a separate channel? What world are they living in?