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Monday, May 11, 2009

Fiji judiciary still in limbo

There is growing concern about Fiji's dysfunctional judiciary.

The High Court remains closed 31 days after the abrogation of the Constitution, with no sign of any judges or a Chief Justice being appointed.

All sitting judges and magistrates were terminated by the Revocation of Judicial Appointments Decree.

Eight of the nine magistrates have been re-appointed with the new appointee being Nadi lawyer Faizal Koya, a speaker of the Fiji Muslim League and son of Former Opposition Leader, the late Siddiq Koya.

Legal sources have told us, that so far the magistrates have only been adjourning cases, allocating dates, granting bail or remanding suspects.

They say all High Court cases have been allocated new dates from mid-June.

The cases were initially deferred from April to May but kept getting shifted by the High Court Registry.

Coupfourpointfive can confirm the following judges have signalled clearly that they will not accept appointments under the New Legal Order:

1. Anthony Gates (former Chief Justice)
2. Nazhat Shameem
3. Jiten Singh
4. Filimoni Jitoko
5. Gwen Philips
6. Thomas Hickie (returned to Australia)
7. Jocelyn Scutt (returning to Australia)

Isikeli Mataitoga and Daniel Gounder haven't indicated yet whether they will take up positions under the new judiciary, but both are likely to take the same stand as their colleagues.

Lautoka lawyer Ikbal Khan’s name has surfaced as a judge and even as Chief Justice.

Our legal sources have told us that Colonel Mohammed Aziz, who acts as army commander in Frank Bainimarama’s absence, travelled to Ba last Thursday to convince constitutional lawyer and Fiji Football Association President, Dr Mohammad Samshu-Din Sahu Khan, to accept appointment of Chief Justice.

We can confirm Dr Sahu Khan declined Aziz’s offer.


Anonymous said...

Ways things are heading? Could have Sharia Law?

FijiGirl said...

A Police source has been in touch to say the junta is now extorting businesses for cash in hand, knowing that there is no judiciary for businesses to appeal to against the extortion. Am awaiting confirmation, will let you know. when it comes through
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

My earnest request to the interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Khaiyum is to re-name the judiciary ANIMAL FARM because he, his boss Bainimarama, army, President, coup plotters from the island of Bau and Mahendra Chaudhry ($2 million man who Khaiyum cleared in 3 days) are more equal than the people of Fiji. It will also lessen his headache and heartache in looking for judges. Why need lawyers for a kangaroo court? Aiyaz is an expert in drama which was his first love instead of law after he fled Fiji following the 1987 coups after failing in his duties as a member of Back to early May movement. So have court of drama kings and queens who can dance with Aiyaz to Bainimarama and army's tunes with bandmaster Leweni leading the pack! That is that status they have reduced Fiji to - shame on them.