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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interim regime confirms early release of Rabaka's killers

Pictured - One of Sakiusa Rabaka's killers, Ulaisi Radike

The Fiji Times has today published a confirmation from Fiji's interim regime, about the early release of eight soldiers and one policeman, who were convicted for manslaughter for killing three civilians.

The story appears on Page 4, of today's Fiji Times, with a confirmation from prison authorities that the convicted soldiers and policeman have been released under Compulsory Supervision Orders.

The story was reported by overseas media and blogsites last week but the local media were banned from reporting it.

According to the Fiji Times, Natabua Prison officer-in-charge Jerry Bakeiyasawa confirmed the man who were charged with the death of Nadi youth Sakiusa Rabaka were released on Monday afternoon.

The nine were sentenced in February.

Prisons Commisioner Ioane Naivalurua told the Fiji Times he had sent his response regarding the release to the Information Ministry.

But questions sent to the Information Ministry remained unanswered despite numerous calls from the Fiji Times.

Reverend Akuila Yabaki, from the Citizens' Constitutional Forum, told the Fiji Times, the release of the nine undermined the rule of law.

"The eight soldiers and a police officer were serving sentences of four years and four months for a very serious crime of manslaughter of a teenage boy in early 2007. To release them on Community Supervision Orders two months after their sentencing undermines the authority of the courts to sentence and shows bias and unfair discrimination.

"These early releases are abhorrent to the rule of law," he said,

He said the CCF was concerned there was no opportunity for judicial review of the decision to release the prisoners as there was no High Court.

The nine now free are policeman Patrick Nayacalagilagi, and soldiers Taione Lua, Ulaisi Radike, Etonio Nadura, Ratunaisa Toutou, Joeli Lesavua, Jona Nareki, Ilaisa Kurimavua and Napolioni Naulia.


Voresara said...

I guess they will be re-employed under the yellow ribbon crap that was used for Kean and criminal cum police officer Saimoni Rokotunidau.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Hollywood George thinks of all this? Bauhaus.

Anonymous said...

It is just ridiculous ....fairness/neutrality will stand afar...simply, Fiji is a "LAWLESS COUNTRY"

Anonymous said...

Better release all the prisoners because there is no Constitution.no law.. kilavata vore and iowane..