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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fiji's 12 failed commitments to EU

In April 2007, a three member delegation of interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the then Interim Foreign Affairs Minister, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, and the then Interim Finance and Sugar Industry Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, went to the EU headquarters in Brussels.

The interim regime, in consultation with the three senior interim ministers, agreed to the following commitments:

- Free and fair elections to be held within 24 months from March 2007, meaning elections are to be held by March 2009 subject to the findings of the assessment to be carried out by the independent auditors appointed by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

- Interim Regime to have consultations with the civil society and relevant stakeholders when adopting major legislative, fiscal and other policy initiatives.

- Interim Regime to use best endeavours to prevent statements by security agencies designed to intimidate.

- Interim Regime to uphold the Constitution and guarantee normal and independent functioning of Constitutional institutions such as the Fiji Human Rights Commission, Public Service Commission, Constitutional Offices Commission, as well as preserve the substantial independence and functioning of the Great Council of Chiefs.

- Interim Regime to fully respect the independence of the judiciary, appoint a Tribunal by 15th July 2007 to preside over the hearing of suspended Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki, appointment and dismissal of judges to conform to Constitution, and no interference whatsoever by the military, police or the regime with the judicial process including full respect for the legal profession

- All criminal proceedings linked to corruption to be dealt with through appropriate judicial channels and that any other set up to investigate alleged cases of corruption should operate within constitutional boundaries.

- Interim Regime to ensure all cases of alleged human rights infringements are investigated and dealt with in accordance with the various procedures and forums under laws of Fiji.

- Interim Regime to lift the Public Emergency Regulations in May 2007 subject to any threats to national security, public order and safety.

- Freedom of expression and freedom of the media in all its forms are fully respected as provided in the Constitution.

- Interim Regime to maintain regular dialogue to allow verification of progress made and to give EU/EC authorities full access to information on all matters linked to human rights, peaceful restoration of democracy and the rule of law in Fiji.

- Interim Regime to cooperate fully with eventual missions from the EU and EC for assessment and monitoring progress.

- Interim Regime to send progress reports every three months starting 30th June 2007 regarding the essential elements of the Cotonou Agreement and the commitments.


Anonymous said...

EU should stand its ground and refuse any assistance to Fiji to try and force Frank's hand to give in! Good on you EU.

Anonymous said...

The Sins of EU-Pushing the EU-ACP deals through the Pacific in a non-level playing field. If EU are talking about trade, it is in the tea-leaves that the next ropund of Doha negotiations will also face a brick wall of opposition from BRIC nations.