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Friday, May 22, 2009

Gates and 3 others accept re-appointment

Anthony Gates has been re-appointed as Chief Justice under the New Legal Order.

Gates took his oath before self-appointed President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, at Government House today.

Other judges who were re-appointed as judges of the High Court are 79 year old Davendra Pathik, Daniel Gounder and Sosefo Inoke.

Their appointments along with that of Gates and other judges were revoked when the 1997 Constitution was abrogated on 10th April.

American citizen and Ba based lawyer, Mary Muir, was appointed as a resident magistrate.

According to the regime, the appointments were made under the Judicial Service Commission from which the Fiji Law Society has been removed as a member under the Administration of Justice Decree.

While the Commission has not been constituted, the appointments were made seemingly by the President and are likely to be ratified by the Commission once it is appointed.

We have been reliably told that even Nazhat Shameem, who until now has refused to be appointed to the bench as a judge, is being convinced by the Attorney-General to accept re-appointment.

Judges who will not accept re-appointment are Filimoni Jitoko, Jiten Singh, Gwen Philips, Thomas Hickie and Jocelyn Scutt who have returned to Australia.


Anonymous said...

I was struck by how obsessed Gates was with what he foresaw as the coming tide of criticism from armchair "academics" for his acceptance.

His speech was loaded with preemptive criticism and rationalizations about the impracticality of "academic" reservations on serving on the illegal Fiji bench.

What he was basically saying is that the blatantly illegal and fraudulent actions of gun-toters is good enough grounds to stop thinking or acting on principle

Incredible! And this from a high court judge!

Never mind that for the public to have real or sufficient confidence in the bench, it must be seen to be populated by people of principle and wisdom.

He also forgot that primary responsibility for cleaning up the coup mess lies with the perpetrators, not the victims.

But his mealy-mouthed defense of his choice to support the traitors forgets that it really doesn't matter who the Regime appoints to its illegal bench. There is no real difference if an illegal and non-independent court is populated by a bunch of captains who once enrolled in LA101, or by people like Gates with somewhat more legal experience.

Because the fact is that court will NEVER be allowed to give full and arms-length justice to all citizens of Fiji! The Regime's enemies will not be allowed any favourable decision, and its friends will never face any unfavourable ones. Gates piffling experience and marginally elevated wisdom will not make one iota of difference to that, or to the amount of confidence that people or posterity could have in it.

He GREATLY over-estimates his own importance, reputation and abilities if he thinks it does.

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