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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Human rights commission stripped of powers

Fiji's interim regime has further reduced human rights in coup coup land.

In addition to the military and police being given powers to use force on anyone it deems is disturbing the peace, the President has now issued a Human Rights Commission Decree.

Under the Decree, the HR commission is not allowed to table any complaints relating to abrogation of the 1997 Constitution or investigate any decision by a court of law.

Under the Decree, the functions, powers and duties of the commission do not extend to receiving complaints against, or investigating, questioning or challenging, the legality or validity of the revocation of the 1997 constitution or other decrees made or as may be made by the President.

"Any proceedings of any form whatsoever, as well as any application of any form whatsoever in a proceeding, seeking to challenge the validity or legality of the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 Revocation Decree 2009 (Decree No.1) or any other Decrees made by the President from 10 April 2009 or as may be made by the President, shall wholly terminate immediately upon the commencement of this Decree, and a Certificate to that effect shall be issued by the Chief Registrar to all parties to the proceeding."

The decree also states that the functions of the Human Rights Commission is to educate the public about the nature and content of human rights, to promote and protect human rights and to make recommendations to the government about matters affecting compliance with human rights in Fiji.


Anonymous said...

This law as decreed by the President would be the most contradictory piece of legislation ever on this earth! It gives certain rights to the Fiji Human Rights Commission whilst in the second breath restricts the right of anybody to challenge any action or decision taken by the President or this illegal regime.

Another masterpiece of the illegal Attorney General-but all these abuses will catch up with this bunch!

Anonymous said...

As someone succinctly put it.

"Living a giant legal fiction".