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Friday, May 22, 2009

John Samy's speech in Wellington

Coupfourpointfive has been handed a copy of the speech given by John Samy, at Victoria University in Wellington.

Samy and Jone Dakuvula's talk was attended by New Zealand government officials, former New Zealand diplomates to Fiji and Fijians living in Wellington.

The basis of Samy's 25 page speech was to try to convince the New Zealand government to change its stanch on Fiji.

Because of the length of the speech, we will only publish excerpts, we think would be of interest to you.

Let us start our conversation this morning by reflecting upon Fiji's overall situation. What is clearly evident is that Fiji has been in a deep rut, for several decades, in regard to its political, social and economic governance.

It is to be regretted that we suffer the failure of not learning from the experience of the past, and that the exercise of both wisdom and sound judgement has clearly not been evident in the case of Fiji, on the part of some leaders within Fiji, and also in our governments in New Zealand and Australia.

Following the coups of 1087 and 2000, which were all motivated by an enthno-nationalist "Fiji for the indigeneous Fijians" agenda, race-based politics became more pronounced. Many of the country's key institutions were politicised and ethnocised, and these have continued to suffer rupture and a severe weakening over time. Between May, 1987 and early December, 2006, Fiji's overall situation continued to persistently deteriorate.

There are some who believe that the 1997 Constitution as a whole was perfect, even when certain parts of it in fact helped to entrench, perpetuate and legitimise, race-based, divisive politics. A major impediment to Fiji's return to parliamentary democracy is that the current electoral and voting system, as embedded in the 1997 Constitution, is undemocratic.

For over two decades, Fiji's economy has been stagnating. Over one-third of the country's population now live under conditions of poverty and deprivation.

Given the complexity of Fiji's overall situation, characterised by several decades of poor governance, instability, economic stagnation, social rupture and the politicisation and weakening of key institutions, the Peoples Charter initiative, when first launched in April 2007, presented a strategic window of opportunity.

The Peoples Charter represented Fiji's own way of addressing its problems, with the people of Fiji at large, including the opponents of Bainimarama and the IG, all being extended the opportunity to participate and contribute in mapping a considered way forward for Fiji.

The credible and sustainable way forward for Fiji is through national unity and broad-based political consensus.

The question arises: whereto now, for Fiji and its people; and also for its international development partners in regard to how they manage the "Fiji issue"?

It is still not too late.

John Samy


Keep The Faith said...

Blahdy, blahdy, blahdy, blah

Keep crowing from Aotearoa mate. Freedom loving democratists over there will probably have a few home truths to relay to your face (and it could land ON your face if you're not too careful).

Anonymous said...

Please post the full speech somewhere; it would be useful to see all he had to say.

Anonymous said...

Except for the fact that Samy forgot about the Charter being a joke that inspires no-one except him and Dakuvula.

He also forgot that the Charter is ALREADY BEING IMPLEMENTED by the IG. Whose fault is it then that it has achieved nothing? Or that it hasn't even been able to address basic issues like reviving Fiji's economy?

What window of strategic opportunity are we therefore talking about? The Charter is dead in the water already. Do they have another plan? If not, what is stopping us going back the old set-up?

Samy has described it as fostering "poor governance, instability, economic stagnation, social rupture and the politicisation and weakening of key institutions". He must have been referring to post-2006 though, because that has been FAR, FAR worse on every single one of those counts.

Anonymous said...

Soak your views in water and use it as toiletpaper because you are just a common thief.

The facts are that the 2006 Coup was a power grab to save Frank and his cronies from facing criminal charges for the murder of CRW soldiers.

The rest is all bullshit that will be crushed by the Methodist Church.