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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lawyers released

Munroy Leys lawyers Richard Naidu and Jon Apted have now been released.

They were taken in for questioning this afternoon for their alleged involvement in a blog site.

Sources say they were released at 5.45pm after being interviewed about allegations on the blogsite Real Fiji News.

Real Fiji News is a pro-regime website, which has been naming people like the lawyers, as those behind the blogsite Raw Fiji News.


Keep The Faith said...

Obviously very wrong assessments from that silly blog -- Raw Fiji News was blogging continuously all afternoon!!

The police look even more dicky and stoopid now.

No matter what draconian measures they put in place, the people will not be silenced.

Anonymous said...

How come 2 years later the regime starts believing the blogs although it is obviously pro-regime? I remember 2 years ago Fiji TV News head Netani Rika was detained at the army barracks after Fiji TV reported a story from a blog about a Savusavu youth dying at the hands of the military. The military had denied that such an incident happened and Fiji TV retracted the story. But now the regime's puppets accuse all anti-coup personalities of all sorts of things and they are then harrassed by police and the army. It is similar to lighting a fire and then helping to put it out so much so under Fiji's NEW LEGAL ORDER.