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Friday, May 15, 2009

Media blamed for abrogation of Constitution

A senior police officer has blamed the media for forcing the interim regime to abolish the 1997 Constitution.

Sources say that while interviewing one of the two Fijilive journalists detained for two days, Police Director of Operations, Waisea Tabakau, said the media were to blame.

Shelvin Chand and Dionisia Turagabeci were arrested and detained for reporting and posting a story on Fijilive online last Saturday about the release of eight soldiers and a police officer convicted of manslaughter for the brutal killing of Nadi teenager Sakiusa Rabaka, in February 2007.

Tabakau told the Fijilive journalist the abrogation of the Constitution must be borne by the media because it (the media) placed too much emphasis on the rule of law and the regime’s adherence to the Constitution, either by way of comment from anti-coup critics or media commentaries.

The interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, and the attornye general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, blamed the Court of Appeal ruling of April the 9th for crucifying the Constitution on Good Friday.

But sources say it is becoming clear with the prolonged delay in the new appointments to the judiciary, that the media is being made the scapegoat.

Since the coup of 5th December 2006 media bashing has included:

- The deportation of three newspaper publishers(2 from Fiji Times and 1 from Fiji Sun)

- The Fiji Times was convicted by the High Court of contempt in January 2009 and fined $100,000 with Rex Gardner, publisher deported after the case, as well as Editor Netani Rika placed on good behaviour bond and warned not to re-offend. The newspaper had allowed the publication of a Letter to the Editor that was critical of the judiciary following the ruling by three High Court judges led by the then CJ Anthony Gates legitimising the overthrow of Laisenia Qarase’s government and appointment of the interim regime headed by Frank Bainimarama. Ironically, the judge who handed down the ruling, Thomas Hickie, is now back in Australia and is highly critical of the regime.

- The unprecedented level of censorship imposed on the media since April the 10th following the abrogation of the Constitution

- Arrest and detention of five journalists under Public Emergency Regulations from April the 13th to May the 14th


Keep The Faith said...


Sorry but I am literally rolling on the floor with tears streaming down my face with this latest excuse. Can they at least try to be convincing?

Let's see. And next we will blame nurses for the bad roads, teachers for the bad weather, doctors for the flat-lined economy, economists for the judicial stand-still, policemen for the fact that we've got nothing happening in the sugar industry etc etc???

This is nothing short of a fairy tale!

Keep The Faith said...

While we're still laughing at this one..ladies and gents put your hands together for this former journo and athlete and overnight Bainimarama cheerleader, Kara Naciqa-Waqanidrola.

"Bainimarama will not fail?"...yeap watch that one burn to a crisp Kara.


Anonymous said...

Tabakau should join Frank in that mental hospital St Giles. He has mental problems, just like Frank. It must be one of those days he did not take his medication and was hallucinating!

How else would he have come up with such a conclusion?

By the way, he was the officer in charge for bringing people charged with the demise of the former National Bank of Fiji.

What success record did he have there? NIL!

That just shows his lack of competence!

Anonymous said...

Who is this dickhead Tabakau - Does'nt he know that he is paid to uphold the rule of law.
God help Fiji if this is the calibre of senior officers in Fiji- They should all be removed and jailed when judgement day comes.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they weird? The whole world know that Aiyaz Khaiyum and Frank advised the President to Abrogate the Constitution .And this stupid policeman Tabakau sounds incompetent...OMG our country is in the hands of incometent thugs!!