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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Methodist church AGM cancelled

Fiji's military regime has cancelled the annual conference of the Methodist Church of Fiji.

A joint statement issued by the military and police, accused the church of trying to bring instability to the country.

Police spokesman Ema Mua says the crackdown follows information that "inciteful issues were going to be discussed at the conference.

The statement said the Methodist Church could not hide its involvement in politics and part of the agenda for the August conference focused on the current political situation.

Earlier this month, former Methodist Church president, Rev Manasa Lasaro, was detained after delivering a sermon calling for peaceful protests to restore democracy to Fiji.

The Methodist Church is the dominant denomination among the devout indigenous Fijians, who make up 57 percent of the total population of around 840,000.


Anonymous said...

Frank can stop the annual conference but he cannot break the methodist spirit!

Anonymous said...

This is what leaders from other countries who are supporting this lunatic military regime know about. Their support for a lunatic who only wants his own ideas upheld is fuelling this madman's decision making to keep giving us dictatorial orders.

If the Church backs off now, then there is NO HOPE for the swift restoration of democracy for our country.

I do hope and pray, the Church will see in themselves their true higher calling, which is to fight peacefully in the name of Jesus, who came in PEACE for us to be saved.

To the Methodist Church, I say...call your flock to go to Rewa and meet and we'll truly see where Vore and his orders hold true. If masses make a move, where wil they get the resources to stop you!

Godspeed and God bless!

Anonymous said...

Frank and Co are like Pharaoh, a stubborn ,arrogant man who hardened his heart towards the Israelites! This is what they are doing to the Fijians people in Fiji....

Anonymous said...

Ultimate sign of paranoia - now believe God is against them.


Anonymous said...

i think that Bainimarama and his government are out of their minds.They need to get a check up,they're crazy....who do they think they are...one word of advice to Bainimarama...LAKO MADA I LOTU MO VUA,VULI MADA MO YALOMATUA...QORI GONA NA CA NI NO SCHOOL...Dont try to stop the move of God,you will surely get the consequences of what you are doing,just like a phrase that says
' if not here on earth then in HELL.....JUST SO YOU KNOW,YOU ARE GOING AGAINST GOD'S people.

Anonymous said...

The predicament we are now in was also supported silently by many Methodist Church leaders! So lets not get too ahead of ourselves. Rev Lasaro is at least consistent in his protest pity when there was wrong dne in the past he didn't protest but actually supported it! So why does he think people will believe him now? If it was right to support 1 coup why is it wrong now? If only he had called for a protest when the first coup and subsequent ones that followed- i would be the first to follow him? But low its simple case of 'sa qisa na Matua"