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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Minutes of censors' meeting sent to Coupfourpointfive

Here are the minutes of a meeting between censors that was leaked to Coupfurpointfive.

It was chaired by the Ministry of Information's Neumi Leweni. As our story (Military regime to push propaganda through media)shows yesterday, the military regime plan to not only continue holding the media under its thumb, but also plan to introduce a Media law, after the emergency regulations run out, to control the media.

It's believed the briefing below, was sent to Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.


Brief on the Media Liaison Officer’s meeting-Parliament Complex on Friday 24 April 2009 at 3.00pm

The meeting of the Media Liaison Officers was chaired by the Permanent Secretary for Information, Mr. Neumi Leweni and the following officers were part of his briefing team.

1. Mr. Setareki Tale, Acting Deputy Secretary for Information
2. Mr. Filimoni Kau, Deputy Secretary for National Planning
3. Mr. Nonu Pene, PAS, Ministry of Information

The main agenda of the meeting is the Public Emergency Regulation currently in place and will expire on 10 May 2009.

The following matters were discussed and deliberated during the meeting.

1. The Public Emergency Regulation is government’s initiative and to be followed by every Ministries so that the government can fulfill its purpose and goals.

2. How each Ministries MLO could assist the joint operation currently undertaken by the Police/Military/Ministry of information to censor the media outlets every day

3. MLO are to collectively report positively and be leading examples to the media organizations. News disseminated must be structured positively.

4. Ministry of Information and Fiji TV is to sign an agreement soon for a government channel for 2-7 hours per week to broadcast government’s development programs

5. Ministry of information will also be signing and agreement with Fiji Sun to include a 12 pages Report in their newspapers weekly about all the initiatives and programs undertaken by the government

6. All Ministries MLO’s are to at least make contributions to the 12 pages Report on the initiatives and programs taken by their Ministries

7. “Way Forward after 10th May”- Extension of the Public Emergency Regulation or Promulgation of Media Law to be decree

8. Emphasis to be made to all Permanent Secretaries to appoint a Media Liaison Officer in all Ministries to network with all MLO’s and Ministry of Information for a Way Forward. This will also be made to a briefing to be made to all Permanent Secretary soon by the Ministry of Information.

The meeting ends at 4.20pm.

Respectfully submitted; for your information.

Editors Note: See right of blog for a Memo from the Information Ministry to online editors and radio news directors.

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Tim said...

In NZ, we used to have a characature image of the Bandmaster Leweni. The only difference was that it was INTENDED to be thick as the proverbial, and funny. You could substitute many of Billy T James' sketches for Leweni's public appearances, and only a few would notice the difference