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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Neglect believed to have led to Chaudhry's suicide

More information has emerged about the suicidal death of the younger brother of Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry.

Ravindra Pal Chaudhry (pictured right) committed suicide on Tuesday.

Sources say Mahendra Chaudhry wants his brother's death kept a secret and that a funeral announcement has not been made on the usual list of deaths on the radio, even though he died three days ago.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Ravindra Pal Chaudhry committed suicide because he was heartbroken.

Sources also say Mahendra Chaudhry has told Nasinu mayor, Rajeshwar Kumar, to make the funeral arrangements very quietly and to cremate his brother as soon as possible.

Yesterday, an employee of Nasinu Town Council called a well-known Hindu priest asking him to conduct the final rites for R P Chaudhry by Friday if possible.

The employee told the Pundit that all post-cremation prayers must be completed in three days, instead of the 13 days as practiced by Hindus.

According to sources, the Pundit refused saying he could not short-cut the funeral.

Coupfourpointfive has been told close allies of Mahendra Chaudhry were stunned when their leader told Rajeshwar Kumar to conduct Ravindra Pal Chaudhry’s final journey from his Nasinu home - and not at his Suva Point home.

Sources say Mahendra Chaudhry also told Kumar not to build a shed for mourners at his Nasinu home because it would attract attention.


Ravindra Pal Chaudhry returned to Fiji in 1999 from the United States to congratulate his elder brother after he became Prime Minister.

Sources say he took a bottle of rum to his famous brother's office to have a celebratory drink.

It's said Mahendra Chaudhry didn't want to know about the celebratory gesture and disowned his younger brother (who sources say had a mental disorder) and instead arranged for him to stay at the home of the Nasinu mayor, Rajeshwar Kumar.

According to well-placed sources, Mahendra Chaudhry didn't want to spend money on the welfare of his younger brother but Rajeshwar Kumar was given a small amount of money to provide for R P Chaudhry.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Kumar subsidised the expenses with allowances from the Council, paid to him via expenses incurred in executing mayoral duties, along with payments for trips to attend meetings, workshops and conferences overseas.

Sources say Mahendra Chaudhry stopped providing money for his brother three to four months ago, which led to Kumar complaining to Rajendra Chaudhry, his close friend.

Rajendra Chaudhry is understood to have told Kumar not to complain to him but to his father. “Tum daddy se baat karo”, (Talk to my father) was the response to the repeated complaints by Kumar.

Our intelligence network has established that on Monday 5th May, Rajeshwar Kumar told Ravindra Pal Chaudhry he wanted to increase the rent because of devaluation but this would be of no use to him because he wasn’t being paid anything by his brother.

Sources say Kumar told R P Chaudhry that he was left no choice but to ask him to move out because he was already struggling to support his defacto wife and young child.

R P Chaudhry is said to have replied, “Theek hai, hum bhyaan dekh lega konchi kare sakeh” (All right, I will tomorrow try to see what can be done).

That "tomorrow" was the day he committed suicide.

Editor's Note: After this story was published, Radio Sargam announced R P Chaudhry's death and called him Mahendra Chaudhry's younger brother.


Crosbie Walsh said...

However rotten you may think Mahendra Chaudhry, I think it exceedingly bad taste to make political capital out of his brother's suicide. Out of respect for the dead, you could have reported this in a less blunt manner -- or not reported it at all.

This was not an occasion where the "means" are "justified by the end."

Otherwise, congratulations on your site.

Anonymous said...

This does not surprise us. Chaudhry is a demon.
he is shameless and a dictator as bad as Bainimarama. The worst Indian leader in our history who has sold all Indians and imposed Girmit on them. This tyrant deserves to be hanged for treason with others. A killer of a innocent Fijian woman, a killer of a community and now a murderer of his brother.

Anonymous said...

Reads like he needs a good lawyer? Bauhaus.