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Friday, May 22, 2009

NZ won't lift sanctions on Fiji

New Zealand's stanch on Fiji will not change, according to the New Zealand Foreign Affairs office.

Yesterday the man who spearheaded and helped write the People's Charter, John Samy, tried to convince NZ government officials to lift its sanctions on Fiji.

Samy said one third of Fiji's economy live below the poverty line and the economy was in tatters, and he was worried about the grassroot people of Fiji.

But the New Zealand Foreign Affairs office says NZ has given enough changes to Fiji to come to the table.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for upcoming fund raisers?...

Anonymous said...

Oz also issued a statement backing the EU's tough stand on its conditions for Sugar Assistance.

The timing of these statements is all clearly centred around the recent appointments to the high court.

But the subtext is clear: "We are not impressed! It is not nearly enough to restore half a high court bench with coup-supporters like Gates and Pathik who so clearly lack neutrality and credibility. It's either elections, or stew where you are!"