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Friday, May 15, 2009

Police officers pray with Lasaro in cell

The former General Secretary and President of the Methodist Church, the Reverend Manasa Lasaro, is tonight spending his second night in detention at the Central Police Station in Suva.

Reverend Lasaro was taken in to the Police Criminal Investigation Department headquarters at Toorak, yesterday and grilled over a planned spiritual march by the leaders, preachers and congregation next week. Sources have told us he was questioned again today by CID officers.

Coupfourpointfive understands the military asked police to detain the church leader after tracing a leaflet asking the church superintendents to mobilize the congregation for a march in Suva.

Source close to the Methodist Church say the march was a spiritual expression of the reality on the ground.

But the security forces believe Reverend Lasaro has the potential to instigate something because he is on the Think Tank and a member of the Standing Committee of the Church.

Sources also say that last night some police officers prayed with Lasaro in his CPS cell.

Members of the Police Force are being indoctrinated with the New Methodist faith practiced by Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni, whose brother, Atu Vulaono, is the new head of the New Methodist Church.

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Keep The Faith said...

Woops careful police-folk!

Teleni's gonna get his own religious police to haul you guys up for worshipping with the methodists when you're supposed to have pledged your allegiance to his "new methodist" (or whatever they're calling themselves) group.