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Friday, May 22, 2009

Chaudhry's Labasa meeting cancelled

The annual general meeting of the Labasa branch of the National Farmers Union has been cancelled, after the interim government cancelled its permit it had issued earlier.

A permit was issued on 12 May allowing the meeting to go ahead at the Labasa Civic Centre tommorrow but it was revoked today without any reason given.

NFU general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry, who had travelled to Labasa for the meeting, says he's disappointed.

"There is a growing sense of frustration among farmers that their genuine concerns are not being addressed. The high cost of fertilizer, the escalating costs of harvesting and transporting cane to the mills this season are among serious issues that need to be addressed before the onset of harvesting."

The police stopped Chaudhry's meeting in Lautoka last week.


Anonymous said...

yeah Chaudary...you are the one that should be blame for this mess!!

Anonymous said...

People should support chaudhry , as I can see he is the only one that is organising a protest of some sort. Get the methodist to support him. Its better to work with the devil you know then to turn to some dark horse.

Anonymous said...

End Games - Indian divisions...Cobra Section.

Whats that old proverb??? Sow what you???

Had fate & destiny not intervened - this gifted - but flawed man - could shaken either Film or Politics - perhaps both? In his spiritual homeland...

Incapsulation of the worst aspects of an exported active Indian Culture & its vile caste system.


Anonymous said...

Chaudhry is the man to take on the regime

Keep The Faith said...


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