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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Regime clamps down on Suva businesses

As of Monday May 25, all businesses within the boundary of the Suva City Council, are required to close at 6pm everyday.

A notice was published in the weekend newspapers by SCC's chief executive Ilitomasi Verenakadavu saying that all classes of shops within the council's boundary are to operate within the hours of 6am-6pm.

Essential businesses such as service stations, pharmacies, chemists, periodicals and bakeries have been allowed to open until 9pm.

After 9pm, only service stations and bakeries are allowed to remain open.

Other businesses wanting to close at 9pm, have to apply for approval from the council and will have to pay $20 a week for a permit.

Internet cafes, amusement centres, billiard shops and fun centres are required to open between 6am-5pm daily. They are not eligible for extension.

According to the notice, the restrictions are being imposed to allow Police to curb crime under the Emergency Decree and Public Order Regulations.

But sources say this is another way for the SCC to make money, especially from supermarket owners and small trading shops who open till late each day.


Anonymous said...

It is so absurd to enforce this law just like everything else happening in Fiji. When people are struggling to earn a living this regime comes up with a law to curtail trading hours and inthe process stifle the very environment that could help people scratch a living.

What a dumb law! Just as dumb as those implementing it!

Anonymous said...

As I have been saying all their policies, decisions, stance is just contradictory all over!

What is the intention of this policy?

Anonymous said...

Intention of this policy is to let eveybody know just who's in charge - typical military mindset that does not translate in a civilian environment. Thank goddness their not in charge of national finances - international relationships - sugar industry - hang on a minute?...