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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Regime continues control of information

Internet cafes in Suva and grog parlours in the West are being forced to close their businesses at 5pm every day.

Police have warned business owners to comply with the curfe or risk being arrested and detained under the Public Emergency Regulations.

The internet cafes and grog parlours used to be able to open until late - the earliest closing time was 8pm.

Business owners say they make most of their money after 5pm.

According to sources, the early closure allows authorities to stop people accessing blogsites and overseas media websites.

Since April 10, many in Fiji have turneed to blogsites and overseas media sites for their news because of the censorship of the local media.

Sources say under the emergency regulations, local news teams have also been banned from reporting anything that criticises or points to the lack of service being povided by the interim government such as water cuts, pot holes on the roads and highways, lack of medical care in public hospitals, problems faced by cane farmers and plight of those forced into retirement.


Anonymous said...

tyranny grows from eating its own flesh... the people will find a way around this... and the tyrants will have nothing left to devour but their own stench.

Anonymous said...

Pool/Billiards shops too for some reason