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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Regime encourages complaints against lawyers

Fiji's chief registrar Ana Rokomokoti has posted a notice outside government buildings informing the public that they can make a complaint against any lawyer or law firm to her office.

The notice which is part of the Legal Practioners Decree, states that complaints against lawyers can be made orally or in writing.

The complaints can include charging excessive fees and charging a client for incomplete work or work not carried out.

Rokomokoti highlights in the notice that people can also complain against "professional misconduct" of lawyers. She defines "professional misconduct" as the conduct of a legal practitioner or law firm failing to comply with any orders or directions of the chief registrar.

Editors Note: See top of right of blog to read the full notice


  1. How about complaints against Government itself? Aren't they contradictory in all their decisions, policies, stance?

  2. Quick! someone file a complain on Khaiyum for raping the Fijian people before VB changes his mind again

  3. Its like complaining to Hitler

  4. Trues up. They want to handle complaints about everyone else yet they can't take criticism themselves. These idiots and their illegal venturings into the commercial and legal sector will only come back to bite them . Whereas people were willing to silently go about their business the more the Government threatens their livelihoods with their half brained ideas to revive the economy the more frustrated the populace will become and then people's frustrations will boil over one way or another.

  5. Perhaps to lodge a complain on the Judges and the CJ for taking illegal oaths of office! But then again the President has decreed that no complaint can be made against the illegal government or their officials!

  6. Is Ana Rokomokoti a fijian or indian lady????....she does look like an indian...Just tell her to investigate her boss first!!!

  7. First complaint:

    Why is an indian girl carrying a Fijian name ?
    Is her name in the VKB ? If so then how come ?
    Why is she letting herself to be seen as abandoning her race ? Or is she the Agent Vinod ?

    Please Major Ana Rokomokoti investigate.

  8. Can u put up a recent photo of this scarecrow - that wil be a shocker....

  9. Why is her ethnicity so important, what does it matter whether she is Indian, Fijian or has her name in the VKB. I am glad the Commodore has chased you racist maggots into the woodwork.


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