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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Revenge beating on police officer

Pictures of a police officer who was bashed then fired from the force, have been sent to Coupfourpointfive, because the Fiji media were not allowed to report it.

Raj Shavendra Prasad was handcuffed, beaten, had liquor forced down his throat, and was charged for stealing a mobile phone - then terminated from the Fiji Police Force, in an apparent act of revenge.

The father of one, who was attached to the Nausori Police Station, was providing security at a birthday party in Baulevu, on Saturday May the 16th.

He finished up just before midnight and was ready to be dropped off by the host family when a van arrived. The seven occupants were known to Prasad and the family, so he accepted their offer to take him home.

On the way, the men handcuffed him and took him to a nearby house and beat him.

Sources say one of the seven men was ticketed by Prasad some weeks before, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sources also say that after the group beat Prasad, they called the Police Regional Traffic Officer, Inspector Timoci.

Inspector Timoci went to the Nausori police station in the early hours of Sunday ( May the 17th), requested a vehicle and reportedly told officers, “I must go or else they will kill him."

Inspector Timoci went in a police vehicle with the ID number F/140 - driven by one Alvin - to Baulevu where he picked Prasad up and took him back to the station.

Sources say at the station, Timoci hit Prasad before handing him over to Police Constables Sanjay and Sanjeet.

Prasad was then also punched by the two officers before he was locked up and charged with theft.

Later that Sunday morning, he was interrogated by Detective Sergeant Ami Chand in the presence of Crime Officer, Inspector Shyam.

He was questioned for five hours, despite being unable to walk or talk properly.

On Monday May the 18th, Prasad was taken to the Nausori Magistrates Court, where he had to be lifted into the dock by a police officer.

Seeing his condition, the magistrate ordered immediate medical attention and an investigation into the beating.

Prasad was taken by his family to CWM Hospital where doctors diagnosed him with injuries to his spine, bruising and a fracture to his skull.

He was in hospital for six days.

It's understood Prasad received a letter saying he was "terminated" from the police, the day he was seen by doctors.

Coupfourpointfive has the letter - see right of blog.

We understand the police have not investigated Prasad's beating.


Anonymous said...

What a terrible event. Can you say what the 'act of revenge' was about?

Anonymous said...

Dog eat Dog. This is what the Police & Military will come to in the end - Killing each other as almighty god is more powerful than Bainimarama, telni & their guns.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed what Teleni and his brother Pastor Vulaono who is leading the Police Crusade are shouting from their pulpit. If you will not tow the line as far as the crusade is concerned then you will be sacked!

The sermon that they are delivering to the police force is to beat up your colleagues if they cause trouble!

Unknown said...

Inspector Timoci,Emosi Baleiniku the Nauosori Police Station Personals and the Police commisioner himself should be taken to task for trying to prevert justice.This is message to the Commisioner of Police.To love God is to be obedient.This is unseparable.It is the key that distiguishes the true people of God from those deceived by Satan.Doing anything contrary to Gods law is the antithesis of love.God will not accept mere lip service.Its like people drawing near to God with their mouth,and honouring him with their lips,but their heart is far away from him.Whatever the young constable might have done or not does not warrant this treatment.This is brutality and cruel.The evidence of the love and obedience to God can be seen in the fruits of ones life.Truly you can know the real people of God by "their fruits".So,its either the Police Commisioner orders an investigation or should be held responsible for perverting the course of Justice.

Unknown said...

The Commisioner of Police Should be taken to task for perveting the course of justice.So as other Police Officers involved.This action has become a personal vendetta upon the young constable.This message is for the Police Commisioner,Loving God is obedience,this is unseparable.It is a way of Life,not an empty ritual.God will not accept mere lip service.The fruits of love and obedience to God can be observed in the fruits of their lifes.Truly you can know them by their fruits.So,its either you investigate or you fall.

Anonymous said...

The termination letter does not contain the details of the offence allegedly committed by the sacked policeman other than a general statement on being drunk.

Natural justice demands that the person being disciplined is given a chance to respond to any charge brought against him.

The action by the Police Commish here shows that policemen do not have any say in any action taken against them. Just shows how far the legal system and the procedures in government have deteriorated in the past 2.5 years.