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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Samy and Dakuvula speaking in Wellington

Jone Dakuvula and John Samy are speaking today at Victoria University in Wellington, about their "hands-on" experience working on issues in Fiji.

Dakuvula is currently responsible for managing the Fiji Political Parties Initiative and the President's Dialogue Forum.

Samy, a consultant who lives in Auckland, is the man behind the People's Charter, and has been working in Fiji for the last two years, putting the charter into place.

Sources say the basis of their talk is to promote the work of the interim government.


Anonymous said...

They should not been allowed in the first place. Dakuvula is a slippery ill and he is a tactically manveur. He is in no mans' land. That is where he is good at - to ride the trojan horse as he exists in the convenience of an ivory tower. He is a good opportunist and must not be trusted. He is moved by the movers and runs with the runing hordes and situations determines the true colour of his charecter-keepps on canging.

Keep The Faith said...

I sincerely hope all democracy loving Fijians in Wellington make the trek up there to lock horns with them and grill them during Q&A session?

Anonymous said...

When and where? Nothing about this on the VUW events list. I'd like to go, but can't find any more information.

Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) said...

On the other hand, some astute Fiji Wellingtonians have deliberately elected to stay out of the forum, This in itself is sending strong signals of their choice not to hear garbage being dished out. We want affirmatice actions. i.e Give Fiji back to the people. Enough is Enough!!!

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 10:11am

Check Crosby's blog for details:

@ CF: its very important that you attend lest the academia @ VUW deem those views as gospel. Only until you challenge those views publicly can academia realize how flawed they are. Not forgetting that academia often find themselves on policy think-tanks for Govt's and therefore advising them.

Anonymous said...

I heard that it was held in Vic Uni at about 10am.Trying to contact Vic Uni but nobody seems to know anything about this garbage talk.If I was planning to give Dakuvula a taste of his fijian medicine so that he wont be able to promote this illegal Junta anymore.These people think that they are safe out here speaking about IG rubbish....just a general warning to any future Fijian speakers out there trying to promote this IG be careful.Be prepared to use your fist if you can because the intimidation,the murder and suppressing of the people back home has come to a point that people like Dakuvula & co are held resposible for and should expect retalliation.

Anonymous said...

John Samy is a perfect example of a stateless
(homeless)- opportunist person.

I mean what is he Indian - Fijian - Kiwi?

What I find remarkable is that he takes the oppurtunity to speak publicly in a democratic country such as NZ - yet thinks nothing of deprieving others of this same basic right?

What a sad pathetic man.

Anonymous said...

The seminar was held at the Institute of Policy Studies, with no notification in the media or even on their web site. Perhaps they deliberately didn't want the local Fiji community showing up to hear what they had to say.

Anonymous said...

Samy apparently came up with some rubbish about how NZ's smart sanctions are hurting Fiji.

But how?

There are no economic sanctions involved. And given the very poor performance of every coup-supporting Cabinet since Dec 2006, Fiji is actually better off without these people as Ministers (just let the ministries run themselves).

So where is any demonstrable harm to Fiji? Any and all harm there is has been authored and executed by the Regime its royal self.

Anonymous said...

Just spoken to the NZ immigration few minutes ago about Dakuvula entering the country.Dakuvulas paper are all ok.If someone got a hard evidence that he was part of the IG than send the it to the nearest NZ immigration near you with a small note stating that Dakuvulas is in the country Illegally as part of the IG suckers.

Anonymous said...

Dakuvula is another Rupeni Nacewa - a prime ideological mover trying to make out that he is just trying to help, or do his job.

But he can't hide the fact that he loves everything that is going on about what the IG is allegedly "trying to achieve". Come 2014 we'll still be in the same position though - IG still focussed primarily on trying to survive and legitimize itself, while the country languishes in the economic doldrums of leaders who don't know what they're doing

Anonymous said...

End Games. (Main Game).
Strongly suggest everyone braises themselves for whats coming? Its become glaringly apparent
among everybody that this adminstration is incapable of running a State in these difficult & complex times - it will collapse -
inevitable - no money - no friends - no tourists - no sugar industry - no jobs - no prospects...Time we started thinking post military? (reconstruction).
Who will comprise it? - head it?