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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Controversy over administrator's sister working at SCC

It's understood the sister of the admnistrator of the Suva City Council has been employed as a temporary worker for the council.

The sister of Vijendra Prakash is understood to have been brought in to relieve another employee, who took leave.

The revelation that Prakash' sister is working for the council comes as a number of workers are being made to retire early, this Friday.

Sources say Prakash’s sister is employed as a cleaner at the Suva Civic Centre - also known as Old Town Hall - earning close to $4 an hour.

They say she has been recruited as a temporary or relieving worker for three months in contravention of an agreement with the workers’ union – National Union of Municipal Workers which represents un-established workers.

Under the agreement, temporary or relieving workers must be recruited from a data pool of all former temporary workers and those applying for unskilled work.

Sources believe Prakash’s sister will be confirmed as a permanent worker after three months.

The Civic Centre is said to be over-staffed after un-established workers employed at the SCC Olympic Swimming Pool were attached to the Civic Centre cleaning work force after the pool was closed more than 6 months ago, when its entire pump and filtration plant broke down.

It has also been confirmed that about ten workers involved in the Dairy industry – were also hired by Prakash as temporary workers and are likely to be made permanent employees.

It's understood thed moves come as SCC’s entire workforce of about 450 have not received a cost of living adjustment for 2008. The increase is normally negotiated between the two unions and SCC in February/March the following year and backdated to the 1st January of the preceding year and paid before Easter.

Vijendra Prakash is the secretary of the Dairy Farmers Association and the general secretary of the Sanatan Dharam Sabha of Fiji.

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Anonymous said...

Vijendra is famous for his corruption tactics and nepotism in Sanatan community. He has recently appointed his former boss Balram as Education Director in Sanatan Sabha to avoid him being kicked out of Fiji Teachers Union. Astonishingly, Mr. Balram has never even served in any single religious Mandalis (groups) at any grassroot level. Pure Politics. Balram helped Vijendra on his promotion so its payback time:"if you scratch my back, I scratch yours"