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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teleni sacks intelligence officer

Coupfourpointfive has been told that a senior ranking intelligence officer was sacked in April, for warning the Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni, the implications of the abrogation of Fiji's Constitution.

The President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, abrogated the Constitution on April 10, sacked the judiciary and reappointed Frank Bainimarama as interim prime minister, after the High Court found that the 2006 coup was illegal.

Sources say Tito Ilo, an intelligence officer based at the Special Branch office in Suva, was given the sack by Teleni, because of a report he wrote describing the adverse implications of the Constitution abrogation.

In his report, Ilo warned that some of the implications included the cancelling of aid from the European Union, the souring of international relations, and a risk of sanctions against Fiji being tightened.


  1. Poor Esala Ilo - just discovered that the foremost enemy of all tolitarian regimes is truth.


  2. This is the problem with this regime-they cannot face the truth. They would rather live in a world of make-believe where they can hold on to their power.

    Teleni boasts that he is with God. But that is not the way that God treats His people where lies and half truths are the order of the day.

    It appears that this is how the whole military and the police now think-the regime does not have any place for people who speak the truth!

  3. The idiot...what else can you say...the pot bellied useless Com of Pol.

  4. whatelse can you say... tele is a man that lacks intergrety and principles... isa ko viti. elo is also a catholic and tele does not like this alo...

  5. The regime does not like people who tell them like it is. Hello, welcome to the real world, they have to know what the real implications of their actions are.

  6. Shooting messengers of truth to perpetuate a dynasty of oppression, illegality and injustice; sooner or later these tyrants will have to face the consequences of living a lie!

  7. A stupid man always tells the obvious.


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