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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tongan PM says fresh approach needed for Fiji

The Prime Minister of Tonga says the Fiji interim regime will have to listen to the international community sooner or later if they are to move their country forward.

Feleti Sevele has told RNZI a fresh approach is needed by the region to engage with Fiji’s military government, following Fiji's suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum.

“Fiji needs the international community. Fiji needs the Forum... perhaps more than the Forum needs Fiji. But the Forum still needs Fiji. So let’s perhaps give it a pause, stand back... in time of course Fiji has got to listen to the international community. It’s a two-way affair.”


Keep The Faith said...

That's why Nailatikau is doing things not normally mandated for a Vice Pres eg lobbying Somare and the Tongan Royal Palace....wait for the old man in Apia to rip them to shreds ;)

Anonymous said...

It's a lost cause! You cannot engage with smeone who refuses outright to engage with you. Or sets preconditions before engaging with anybody. That is Frank's dictatorial style. Just let him be to rot in his own waste!